Sunday, January 27, 2013


Good day all,

Well I thought I would stop in and first tell you all that Jason is still here and hasn't left for Toronto for training and probably wont either way for at least 10-12 days on account that yesterday he found out he needs glasses.

For awhile Jason has been having a lot of headaches but hes not a great sleeper and when hes in the boilers at work which is 120 degrees he gets dehydrated and so we danced around why he might be getting headaches. Unfortunately I think a headache is so common for so many people that we really don't get it a lot of thought anymore, we pop and Advil and move on with life. Well in the last 3 weeks his eyes have really been bothering him and so at the beginning of the week I just made him an eye appointment, I figured if it was something we could have it taken care of and if it was nothing we could rule that out and move on. Well in the last week his vision has diminished incredibly.. so much so that I was actually started to get worried! Friday night after work we took Kevin to the airport and went to dinner and he couldn't see the road signs and in the end I drove home which never happens. Not to mention when I ever do drive home Jason usually sits in the passenger seat and tells me what he thinks I'm doing wrong, Friday night he laid with his head back and eyes closed.

So yesterday he went to the optometrist and everything was fine but he needs glasses, diagnosis.. near sighted! Unfortunately because he will need them for driving at night, etc he had to get the anti glare lenses so it will take up to 12 days to get them back... not really sure whats hes going to do in the meantime.

And of course American health insurance is a bunch of bullshit, and because we haven't met our deductible the whole shebang was out of pocket!! WHAT A JOKE! I don't know why we don't live in Canada!!

But not to fear Jason got a sweet pair of Oakley's that he looks very good in and although he says hes not going to wear them I ASSURE YOU HE WILL!

Its been absolutely FREEZING here in case you were wondering! Last night it was -7F... that's DAMN COLD!

With Jason not working weekends anymore he was home all day yesterday besides his eye appointment so he made dinner and picked me up from work. After dinner we went to the gym and decided that we would stay up and go out and see if the Northern lights were out! Eventually we got bored of sitting around here waiting and went and got some frozen yogurt and headed down to Earthquake park to see what was out. Well it was a full moon and Jason couldn't see anything and was cranky so we just headed home.

Today we have nothing exciting planned, Jason wanted to go out and shoot but its just way too cold for that but we are going to have to make time because we are going to have to send the gun back to Maine because we will be driving from Seattle to Saskatchewan most likely and obviously cant take it across the border.

Anyways the purpose of me stopping in here was not only to tell you about whats going on with us but is to tell you my thoughts of a new discovery.

There is controversy about everything in life, lets be honest but in regards to splenda I knowing better have always focused on the fact that Splenda has no calories so it had to be better for you then regular sugar. Not that I drink a lot of coffee but when I do I put in one package of splenda! Well truth be told I absolutely always feel bloated, and I get a lot of abdominal cramping and if I'm being perfectly honest on occasion I have wondered if I have chrons disease or something!!

Well Mel being a health nut has always given me shit about using splenda, she swears that artificial sweeteners are so terrible for you.. not that I doubted her but I didn't listen. So a couple of weeks ago Jason sent me a bunch of articles about just how terrible splenda is for you and when reading some of the symptoms caused by using splenda a bunch resonated with me! So I made the decision then and there not to use splenda anymore if for nothing else than to see if I wouldn't feel those things anymore.

Well I bought natural cane sugar and I use that in the one coffee I have a day, but besides that not a ton has changed in what I consume.. and let me tell you I feel GREAT! I haven't had the bloating or abdominal cramping, I haven't had headaches... I really feel great. Scary! Scary to think that something so small could be causing such things.

Jason and I have been eating super healthy, drinking tons of water and getting to the gym at least 5 times a week and I feel amazing!! Ive been tanning in preparation for Hawaii so I don't go there and burn to a crisp and spend the trip miserable and in pain!

So just a word to the wise, if you are a splenda user.. maybe rethink that a little! Natural cane sugar is much better for you.. obviously if you can do no sugar at all that is idea. Make the change, feel better!

Alright I'm done preaching! I'm going to have breakfast and put a hot oil treatment in my hair.. this drive weather is KILLING ME! My head is so dry its unreal.. the whole time we've been here Ive had to spend a fortune on shampoo and conditioner because my head bleeds! Ha - if I'm preaching I might as well throw this one out there too... If you are like I was lady in the shower, lots of hair.. two and one shampoo and conditioners are just easier! Well they aren't lying when they say individual shampoo and conditioners are MUCH better!

OK I'm really done this time! I hope everyone has a really great Sunday!!

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