Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good Morning.. Tsunami?

Well apparently I missed out on all the excitement last night.. there was a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that rocked everything enough to cause tsunami warnings for BC, the Queen Charlotte Islands and of course the coast of Alaska! When I got up this morning the first post that I saw from Alaska Dispatch said "This is no joke!" - Great! Apparently BC and the Queen Charlotte Islands did see some small Tsunami's but Alaska got nothing and since then the warnings have been lifted! Apparently we sit right along the "ring of fire" - No I'm not quoting Johnny Cash, but fault lines! SCARY!

Check it out!

My apologies for not being around more, I tell ya since the holidays I don't think we have really got back in the groove of things, or we have and we are just a lot busier! So much so that our Christmas tree is still up.... until tomorrow!!

Because we are planning a trip to Hawaii I decided to buy bathing suits from Victoria Secret while they were having their after Christmas sale.. naturally this doesn't totally excite me but put me into sheer panic mode! Ive gained some weight since we've been here.. in my defense though I blame Alaska! Its so hard to get motivated in the winter months when its dark and cold all the time! Not to mention when work is slow all day and I sit around doing nothing for the most part when I get home I don't want to go anywhere. But knowing that the bathing suits were coming and I wasn't even planning to try them on I figured I better get my ass in gear before I spend my whole time on an amazing tropical island hiding under cover ups and a towel! I really want to enjoy our trip and I would like to feel comfortable in a bathing suit, and at this point I just wouldn't!

So I started a new fitness regime and I am feeling amazing! I'm back to super clean eating, salads twice a day, lots of fish and chicken, tons of vegetables, guzzling water. I went on Pinterest and printed out a ton of work outs so every morning before I go to work I wake up and I pick at least two to do before coffee and getting ready.

Sorry.. I'm just getting back to this from yesterday... I was trying to upload pictures and it wouldn't let me so I said screw it thinking I would get to it last night and that didn't happen. When we got home from work and had dinner we then headed to the gym and didn't get home until late.

So today is now Sunday and we haven't done a ton! We got up this morning and got ready and headed to Girdwood! We haven't left Anchorage in too long and although they were calling for snow we said screw it and headed out anyways! We managed to make it down there and toured around Portage and Girdwood although it wasn't a good scene on account that it was POURING rain!!!!!!! I tell ya there is such a significant difference from 15 feet of snow last year to absolutely bare grounds this year! So we took a little drive and then decided to go to Chair 5 for lunch!

After lunch we headed back to the house to FINALLY take the Christmas tree down and get some organizing done! Jason just finished making Chili for tomorrows dinner and I'm finished all the cleaning and laundry so it will probably be a quiet night! Maybe a movie or something and then back to work tomorrow unfortunately!

Tomorrow night Jason and I are going to go and see Carl at the hospital.. not sure if I have mentioned what happened to Carl? I'm sure you've all heard me talk about Carl our maintenance guy at work? Well I really like Carl, hes a super nice guy and works extremely hard! Well just before Christmas, in fact I think the last Saturday at work before Christmas Carl was really sick, really pale, a lot of flu like symptoms, shaking, etc. I was really worried and encouraged him to go home, instead he decided to lay on the couch. Carl is diabetic and so I worried a little more than I probably would have for anyone else.. eventually I called Tom. Tom said that he would bring down his blood testing kit as Tom himself is also diabetic and Carl declined saying he knew what low blood sugar fell like and this wasn't it. Carl finally went home.

When I went back to work after Christmas Carl wasn't in, when I inquired I was told it was something medical. Finally Carl came in that night and said that because of being diabetic he hasn't had feeling in his feet in years. Well I guess long story short he stepped on a staple at some point and didn't feel it and it went up in his foot and get really infected.. really really infected! In the end they basically filleted his foot open, had to take one of his toes and he now has to have IV antibiotics for the next 7 weeks 4 times a day. There is still the possibility that they will take another one of his toes, but they should be able to save his foot. How scary is that?

Carl is such a great person and I feel absolutely AWFUL that this has happened. Unfortunately its going to be quite some time before he can even put pressure on his foot as the infection was so bad it was hollowing out the bones in his foot. They said that if he didn't go to the doctors when he did he would have died. His foot is still open on the top for the most part and they are monitoring the infection extremely closely. Tuesday they plan to move him to a rehabilitation facility.

Speaking of work, on Friday Tom told me that they are advertising for my job.. which I expected as I plan to be done at the end of February if everything goes as planned with Jason's job. We plan to probably stay in Alaska for the month of March to explore more of Alaska and head to Hawaii! I will keep you updated as to what our next adventure is when I have more of an idea.. there are a few things up in the air at the moment.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Take me to Hawaii with you!!!!!!! Park me on a beach with a few books and you won't know I'm there!!