Friday, October 12, 2012

So much to tell.. so little time!

Man it feels like I haven't been here in FOREVER! I keep meaning to get here and I feel like I have so much to tell and Ive probably forgotten most of it but I honestly haven't had time to get on the computer and really sit down and write, I would have probably been fine if I took at few minutes every couple of days and filled in the important points but as time went on I kept having more and more to tell.. now here I am.. a weeks worth of shit to tell and still no time! So screw it.. I'm going to sit here and tell you absolutely everything until I'm done and everything else can just wait!

So where did I last leave off... well Jason is sick, I would say "again" but honestly he really went from one sickness to another! He had the flu terribly and then started to get a cold and now I'm convinced he has a pretty bad chest infection but you know Jason he wont go to the doctors! So he is coughing all night long keeping both of us up, feels dizzy all the time, its been a mess! Now I'm getting it!

Let me think now.. what is the important. Well last week I took Thursday off work.. did I tell you that? Well if I already did you're going to hear it again! I took a sick day when really I wasn't sick at all, I'm just fed up with work! I honestly hate it there so much and the stuff that goes on there and I am just so sick of dealing with it all. I have to do everything myself but when it comes to major decisions I have no say and then I'm on the front lines to deal with the repercussions!! So last Thursday there was a ton of move ins and I just said screw it.. I'm not going. I had dreaded the day all week and really didn't make the decision not to go until that morning. I had a GREAT day! Ive never called in sick to a job before when I wasn't really sick I don't think! I had a fabulous day off!! I paid for it the next day...

I went into work on Friday and she didn't do a fucking thing the day before. Not one person that was suppose to get moved in was actually moved in! Whats worse is that they were all military, just back from Afghanistan and she found every excuse not to do her job and move them in.. so they spent a night in a hotel.

So my Friday was absolutely outrageous with move In's of all the ones that were suppose to move in on Thursday and people that she decided would move in on Friday. I literally didn't stop all day, didn't get to have lunch was all over the place. People wanting to change units, making that happen.. Most of it was a disaster! Plus on top of all of that Dana didn't want to sign her leave because 6 million things that were suppose to done in her new unit didn't happen!! She was so mad, she didn't want to sign her lease, she didn't want to move and I couldn't blame her. I didn't get home until almost 7pm and I sat on the couch and cried. When things don't go right I'm the one that gets yelled at, I'm so fucking sick of Clayton being useless at life and me having to hear about it. Jason and I went to dinner but unfortunately never made it to the movie we had hoped to see!

Saturday was really no better, Dana moved in and things were a disaster.. I was all over the place all day.. still no lunch.. don't even know where the day went and again I faced so many people who were pissed off and yelling about the rent they pay and what wasn't done! I ended my day with another move in and the place was a disaster! I was so pissed off, I honestly just wanted to call Tom and Deanna and quit then and there!

Jason and I had to do grocery shopping on Saturday night so we decided to take a drive before down to Little Campbell Lake because we are always on the hunt to see a bull moose! So we took a drive down and as we were pulling in Jason was like "definitely not going to see anything now, look at all the people" - really there wasn't a lot of people but as we pulled in and there was TWO BULL MOOSE locked horns and FIGHTING! I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Jason freaked out! They were going in circles with their horns stuck together and then they would part and walk around in the lake and by the lake and then run back at each other and grunt and bang their horns.. we seriously watched them for about 20 minutes or more and they started to walk away! So Jason got out of the truck and as they were walking away he was trying to call them back with sticks.. well all of the sudden the woman beside us yelled "OH SHIT" and Jason came running back to the truck.. HAHa! Two dogs came flying out of no where chasing the moose and they TOOK OFF flying!! I have never ever seen moose run that fast! AMAZING! Go figure - didn't bring my camera!!! The one time I don't bring my camera!!!

Sunday Kevin came over to watch football and when he left Jason and I just laid around and enjoyed Sunday!

Monday I went to work with the intention of bringing up my not so great Friday and Saturday at work and mostly the fact that Clayton is useless and I don't think its right that I have to hear about it all the time, he should do his job. I had a huge list of things that Clayton doesn't do that bothers me.. so I talked to Deanna about it when we got into work on Monday and she seemed to agree with me on things. She felt bad that my days were so awful and said if I wanted to I could go home for the day, which I obviously didn't do. Deanna said that she wanted me to talk to Tom and Clayton about it. I explained that I didn't think it was my job to talk to Clayton and I have to work with him so I thought it would be best if I spoke to Tom and he could speak to Clayton.

So before I got a chance to call Tom and talk to him he called and said that he would be coming down, well.. things didn't go AT ALL like I had expected. I basically told Tom all the same things, that I felt like if we weren't going to replace carpets and counters, etc then we should at least do the aesthetic things such as paint walls and that wasn't getting done.. well he FREAKED! He started screaming at me.. VERY CLOSE TO MY FACE! He totally attacked me and my character! He said that I was prissy and that my standards were too high, he said that maintenance is hard work and I wouldn't have a clue because I don't know the meaning of hard work and have probably never lifted a finger in all my life! He said that I wasn't a team player because I should be backing the company and not the residents. It went on and on until I cried.. and then he still went on until I walked away. I haven't seen him since.

I was obviously extremely shocked and so upset by everything! I couldn't believe that he would speak to me like that, get in my personal space and be so outright aggressive! I was horrified, I wanted to quit. The rest of the day I pretty much kept to myself and said nothing.

Tuesday was my day off, so I really had some time to think about things and I just don't know what to do. Honestly I figured I would go in on Wednesday and he would come in again and be an asshole and I would just quit. Well I went back to work on Wednesday and I saw no one and no one spoke to me at all. I figured it was because Dana went to the owner about her issues who then went to Tom and believe it or not Tom went to her apartment Monday night and was a BASTARD to her too! He made extremely rude comments, and was extremely unprofessional.. she was FURIOUS!

So last night I came home and cried.. I HATE tension.. I hate feeling that everyone is at odds, I generally would prefer not to be confrontation and honestly after what happened I really figured voicing my opinion again wasn't an option, he scared me. Today I dreaded going in, I didn't know what Deanna would be like and I have still been fearing dealing with Tom.

Well Deanna was a super bitch all day! She was miserable to me and kept using Tom as a threat.. let me explain. So I rented a unit to a woman last weekend and she gave me her deposit and signed her lease and then she called today and said that she couldn't do it, she felt she rushed into things and she knew we would keep her deposit but she really couldn't follow through with the commitment of the lease. I understand, sometimes we make hasty decisions and although I knew she wouldn't get her deposit back I said that I would talk to Deanna and see what she said. Well long story short I eventually realized that instead of giving me a deposit for $500.00 like she should have the money order was for $50.0.. FUCK! Deanna kept saying "Tom's going to be mad, you better call him and see what he says" "Tom is not going to be impressed, you will have to see what he expects you to do!" I kept saying that I wanted to deal with the woman first and explain the situation and see what she said before I went to Tom and she kept telling me no. So finally I went in the backroom and called the woman and explained and she apologized and said she was so grateful for how kind I have been to her and she would graciously bring me the remaining $450.00 for the rest of the deposit. PROBLEM SOLVED.. didn't have to deal with Tom.

I talked to Jason about things tonight and he said to tell Tom to go fuck himself and tell them I don't care about the job. Basically I feel like because he thinks I'm scared of him.. which I'm not totally but very intimidated, I feel like they think they've won. That I will do whatever, whenever because they think that I will be scared not to. Not going to happen.

Basically now I'm just taking things day by day and seeing what happened.. I'm not really talking much to anyone because they are mean to me and I would just like to do things my own way.

Today she told someone she was charging them for new counter tops which was a lie, he called me back and said that he wanted to have his wife go in and take pictures because he wanted proof that so many things were replaced and he said that they were expecting something from immigration so would I mind if she checked the mailbox one last night.. I said of course not! Well Deanna flipped out, made Carl lock the unit and didn't let any of that happen and when Sam called and questioned the whole thing she told him that I lied and someone had already moved in and she couldn't let them in.. THAT WAS A LIE! I couldn't believe it.. she made me look terrible when she was the one who was lying! I was so pissed off.

Anyways that's the scoop mostly, I don't even know. Ive really been in a bad place for the last week, I'm done with Alaska I just want to get the hell out of here! I want to go to the next job, I want to not work at my job anymore, I don't want to deal with winter again.. I just want no part of any of this anymore. Jason's job is going shitty, hes been so sick for so long it seems.. its just been really blah lately.

I'm on my own for the next two days at work now so hopefully things are OK. I am going to sign off now and put laundry away and go to bed.

I'm sorry for those of you I haven't answered emails too, responded to your text, etc.. Ive just been in a really crappy place! I'm working on feeling better about things, getting in a better place. Jason and I are going to go to the movies tomorrow and I'm not sure what the weekend will hold!

Just an FYI - if there was grammatical errors I apologize.. I'm not even going to proof read!

I will be more diligent about blogging, I promise! I know I say that all the time but this is the first time Ive gone this long in quite some time!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the beautiful fall weather you are all getting and we're not!!

Oh.. haha Jason and I went for a small walk last night because it was actually nice out and we saw a BABY beaver... I want one as a pet!


  1. Do you know the country song "Take This Job & Shove it"? That should be your motto. Even if you have to get a job further away, it would be worth it. No one should have to put up with crap like that. Perhaps they will realize how much you did once you're gone. They have not treated you well from the get-go. Time to move on & try something new where you can be happier going to work.

  2. OMG ! It's not worth it Nic ! Cathy's right, time to move on. You deserve better ! for the beaver....Your CRAZY !!!