Saturday, October 20, 2012

It should be Saturday!


I wish it was my weekend, I hate working on Saturdays.. especially at this place! Its been a rough week there.. honestly I don't know what to do anymore about that place! We haven't had heat in the office since MONDAY.. and probably wont have it until this Monday coming.. hopefully! Its cold here by the way.. I mean really cold.. well into negative digits.. in fact we aren't even reaching positive numbers as daytime highs.. and we have no heat! We have two little space heaters which in this cold are doing nothing to heat up a whole apartment.. its bullshit is what it is! I figure its just a dig at me because even with heat on I'm always cold in there! So they don't seem to be rushing to fix it, that's for sure.. probably because neither of them are there!

This week has reached an all time low to their ignorant behavior.. they are barely ever in the office, even her! They are screwing people out of tons of money left right and center, and if you can believe it on top of no heat apparently they are no longer going to provide paper towel or toilet paper.. its absolutely ridiculous! Most days there is one thing that throws me over the edge and I just want to walk out.. but its not fair to the residents.

So today I left early because I had a move out and I had to check this out.. lol.. you're going to be so grossed out by it, but honestly if you see the pictures I send out you know that I really like bones, haha like that moose carcass! Well Carl showed me this.. and honestly even I was grossed out but none the less I'm sharing pictures strictly for dramatic effect!

Honestly I'm not sure if its a cat or not.. it would be an awfully large cat. What is even more strange is the fact that nothing had eaten it! Right where it is has a family of fox that live there.. I don't get! Either way.. SICK!
Anyways this week was my birthday.. man I tell ya things really didn't go my way! Besides work being a total shit show at best.. Tasha sent me a mug that was in pieces when I opened it! I got a parcel from Mom and Dad tonight and look what was in that...

As you can you things didn't remain in tact here either! I don't know what the hell, I opened up the box and I could hear the broken glass! Not only was the jar completely broken but everything was covered in glass.. when I opened everything inside Jason had to take the blanket I had on and shake it off outside while I vacuumed the carpet and couch! Then I opened the sweater Jason ordered for me that came late and its the wrong size and I actually really like it and they don't have anymore.. haha GO FIGURE! I swear I'm convinced Alaska is a hole.. where souls get eaten.. I hate it!
On a good note though, I did receive BEAUTIFUL flowers on my birthday! Jason sent me a beautiful assortment of fall colors because he said he knew I didn't get to enjoy fall (because we didn't have it!) so he thought he would prolong it for me a little longer. Bubba and Jen also sent me a BEAUTIFUL arrangement of yellow roses.. absolutely wonderful surprise! Take a look!

Anyways back to Alaska sucking! Jason's been super busy at work because they are actually getting somewhere! They finally fired one of the turbines and things went really well! They are having issues with construction though and Jason's blood has just been boiling.. and anyone who knows Jason knows that he very rarely gets mad about anything or lets things bother him.. that has not been the case! Then today he tells me that he will probably have to work Christmas Day.. which as awful as it is just at that.. I have to work Christmas eve and the day after Christmas. Honestly usually I would have cried but I expect shit like this now! Apparently because we don't have kids or I don't choose to stay away from Jason and have my own life somewhere else we don't get any consideration on holidays or for time off.. ever! I'm so pissed off.. if Jason really does have to work on Christmas Day I will absolutely cry.. and no.. don't anyone write me and say "just come home".. I would rather at least see Jason for 5 minutes Christmas Day than nothing! See.. Alaska eats souls! NEVER EVER has Jason had to work Christmas!
What else do I have to bitch about? haha probably something but I cant think of anything else right now! I'm going to go and listen to Pandora and Pin on Pinterest! Jason went to the gym to blow off a little steam!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thank you again to everyone for all the birthday wishes and wonderful gifts I am so very grateful!


  1. Easy fix about Christmas......have children ! :-)

  2. Haha ya fix Christmas.. but what about the rest of my life? Not at all ready for kiddos.. Im debating a dog though!