Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinterest = Danger!

So it was my intention to blog tonight but when I sat down at the computer I was pulled to Pinterest! That seems to happen to me a lot lately.. all I want to do is makes me happy! I live vicariously through my pinterest boards, honestly if my closet looked like my pinterest closet I would be one happy girl! I am seriously obsessed with that website.. a good night is a tea and some pinning in my book!

Things are still extremely miserable at work.. you really never know what is going to get a nasty miserable comment.. I haven't seen Tom since his episode, I have managed to avoid him for as long as possible. He actually came into the office today and I went right out the door.. Ive been dreading having to be at Creekside all this week, didn't want to have to go into his office and get keys.. so far I have managed to avoid it all but Deanna still isn't being overly nice.

Actually today was quite interesting in regards to her "fuck you" antics! I got a call at lunch from one of our residents saying that he didn't have heat.. well apparently it was some fuse or something and they didn't know where to get one or something like that so she told Clayton to take the fuse out of our furnace.. I was like.. "umm what? so we wont have heat?" - NOPE! Its fucking winter here.. I'm always freezing with the heat on.. what the hell?? She was doing it on purpose because she always gives me shit about having it to hot in there.. pardon me for not suffering from the affects of menopause! So seriously the heat didn't work and he brought in a little space heater that didn't even work!! Isn't that against the law? Something to do with unfit work conditions? Not impressed.

So tomorrow is my day off, I have some running around to do in the morning and Tammy is going to tag along and then we plan to come back to the apartment and have tea.. nothing super exciting!

I hope everyone had a great Monday! I will blog again before the week is out.. hopefully with something exciting to tell!

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