Friday, October 26, 2012

Picture Heavy!

Hey guys!

I thought I would stop in quickly and share a few pictures and stories!

So first of all I received the most wonderful birthday present this week! Mel, Jason and Myles bought me the most beautiful Pandora bracelet! I have generally not cared for the silver ones but Mel had a leather one and I really loved it.. and they got me one! Check it out.. its absolutely beautiful!

So last night Jason got home and he told me to look outside, we could see the norther lights right out the door!! So we got all bundled up and headed up to Flattop because Gary Jones has been getting some beautiful pictures up there! Well on the way there Gary let us know there was a wounded brown bear running around up there and of course Jason didn't bring his gun.. so I wasn't really inclined to get out and walk around! Besides the lights weren't even out.. the city looked beautiful though.. this is a picture I got on my cell phone.. I have better ones I will send from the camera.

Gary Jones met us up there, I felt really bad that I said they were out and he came all the way up there and there was nothing out! BUT he did take some wonderful pictures of Jason & I...

I have now recruited Gary to take pictures of Jason and I for a Christmas card.. I'm so super excited about it! I have been looking at photographers for months but they all want thousands of dollars and obviously Jason is a tight wad! So Gary agreed with it, so as soon as it snows we will pick a place and go! YAY!
Anyways tonight I picked up Jason from work and although it wasn't planned we decided to go check and see if we could find some moose.... look what we found!

All is a nights drive.. haha.. you cant really tell but the moose laying in the woods has a MASSIVE rack! Go figure I didn't take the camera AGAIN.. we didn't plan to go and that's when we always see things. I seriously plan to pick up Jason tomorrow and go again! Then on Sunday I want to go out walk around there.. with Jason's gun of course!
Well I'm off to finish watching Grey's Anatomy and go to bed!
Happy Friday to all of you that don't have to work on Saturday!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

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