Sunday, October 14, 2012


Well I thought I would stop in quickly to post the pictures I took the other night of the baby beaver, there are only a few and my camera on my phone is by no means stellar. Also we got snow today.. about an inch but enough! Im not happy about it.

Jason had a bad day.. hes been walking around the apartment all night saying "it was just a bad fucking day!" he has been really busy at work and then tonight it seemed like everything was a lot harder than it had to be, going to the grocery store and dealing with construction, etc.. then we get to the grocery store get all the groceries and he realizes he forgot his wallet and I didnt bring my purse so he had to go all the way home. Then we get home and he realizes that he lost his knife at work today. Not good.

So glad to have a day off tomorrow! I cant wait to sleep in today as today was extremely hard to get up! Really I look forward to any day I dont have to go to work.. I hate that place.

Ok here are the pictures, I hope everyone else has a great rest of the weekend!

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