Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Denali Road Trip Extravaganza!

Who doesn't like a good road trip? As you well know Jason and I are all about them! We get so restless staying in one place, probably myself more than Jason! Lately Ive been feeling super restless here.. I am really done with Anchorage and ready to move onto the next thing! I feel like its the worst attitude to have going into what is inevitably going to be a LONG, COLD, DARK winter!

Jason is starting to get really busy at work and Sunday's off are going to probably be unheard of and therefore getting away is going to be unheard of! So we decided that if Jason could swing it this weekend than come hell or high water we were going to head out to Denali and take a final drive through the park as it is going to close anyways for the winter! Everyone thought we were crazy as its such a long day of driving but really Jason and I love.. its quality time just the two of us and we get to see so much!

Saturday night we went out and got the stuff we needed to make sandwiches for our road trip and a couple of snacks! We took a little drive around looking for moose.. haha crazy I know but I just love seeing them! We got to see a Mama and her baby!

Unfortunately Saturday night I didn't get much sleep.. which isn't a new thing or an unusual thing unfortunately so I was up at 5:30am and ready to go! Jason was convinced I was just excited to go.. he wasn't totally wrong! We were on the road early and managed to find a Starbucks that was open before we hit the highway! It was SUPER COLD out, which seems to be the case everyday here but the further we got out of town the colder it was! The high at the park that day was 24F!!!! That's friggin' cold!!

We got to McKinley village and everything was boarded up.. I couldn't believe it! Seriously they didn't have anymore snow than we have had here and literally the windows were boarded up and nailed shut! So we decided to just head straight to the park!

Believe it or not we didn't see any wildlife at all!! We couldn't believe it, we seriously thought or rather hoped that we would see bears, moose, caribou, elk, etc! WE SAW NOTHING! Well.. I shouldn't say that really, we lucked out yet again and got to see Mount McKinley in all her glory! I'm sure I told you before that 85% of people who visit the park never get to see the mountain because its usually in the clouds!

Overall we had absolutely awesome day, it was cold as shit but absolutely beautiful outside! On the way home we stopped in Wasilla at Locals Pub & Pizzeria and had a GREAT pizza! Then made the final hour drive home! On the way back we were out of all our snacks and waters and stuff besides my camel back water bottle... well Jason isn't thrilled with that thing at all but he was thirsty and had no choice.. oh lord it was funny!! He was clearly struggling to get water out of it and I was watching him hysterically laughing!! He was like "WHAT!?! Its hard to bite, suck and swallow at the same time" - haha ya welcome to my world! I'M KIDDING! Haha dirty joke - sorry!

Since we've been home we are back to work and Jason has been super busy!

This weekend is the Make it in Alaska festival which is all things made in Alaska by Alaskans so I am super excited to get there on Sunday hopefully. If Jason by chance has the day off which I doubt we will probably head out somewhere out of town again but if not I am really hoping to go to the festival! There is something like 700 vendors or something! Super exciting!

Anyways I should sign off..  I managed to stay busy all day, grocery shopping, super cleaning the apartment... cleaned out my closet.. YUCK! But I also decided to make a big dinner because I'm never off work to do so and with Jason having just been sick he hasn't made up for it just yet!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures from the weekend... Jason is so cute to do things like that!

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