Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All about Sunday Funday!

Well hello there all,

Ive been meaning to blog all day and just haven't gotten around to it as I have spent the whole entire day baking cookies and moose hunting.. haha my new hobby!

Well, lets back track for a minute.. when was the last time I blogged? Well Sunday Jason and I decided we would head out for breakfast at the Kriner Diner because Jason has been wanting to try it and let me tell you the breakfast was enough for 6 people! Jason didn't even put a dent in it so that should tell you how much food it was! After that we headed downtown to exchange my sweater for the right size and then we were off to Flattop! We didn't see anything up there in regards to wildlife because they were doing some construction but none the less it was beautiful!

After that we came home to watch the game and have a fire! We have never used the wood burning fireplace in our apartment because of the inevitable mess it would make and we were worried about everything smelling like smoke. But we decided that it is definitely cold enough so why not.. and it was GREAT! It was more for the amnions than anything else but it was so enjoyable!

For dinner Jason made fried halibut.. that was pretty good too!!

Monday I was back to work which I always hate, finally got heat though because Deanna was cold.. didn't really matter that I froze all weekend, when she was cold than shit happened. All morning Monday at work it was 48 degrees in the office!

Today was my day off which always makes me happy!! Tammy, Imelda and I went on a moose hunt this morning.. GUESS WHAT WE SAW! Two males fighting again!!

If you can believe it.. after this one of the males mounted the other.. HAHA!! It was absolutely hilarious.. I couldn't get pictures because we were pulled off to the side of the road and some guy came behind us and pulled right in the way. It was HILARIOUS!.. Jason and I have joked about seeing that but I never thought I would.. SO FUNNY!

After our moose hunt we headed out to lunch at La Mex.. soo good! I have been wanting to have Mexican food since we've been here but Jason wouldn't do it so I got my fix and it was EXCELLENT! Then we headed back here so I could bake! I had made all the dough this morning so I was straight to baking when I got home.

I finished baking and started on dinner and that's whats in now, waiting for Jason to get home. I'm hoping to go on another moose hunt tonight but I'm sure Jason will want to go to the gym.. we'll see what happens. Tomorrow we are starting a no carb diet which I'm all for and wont have a problem with but Jason will be another story.. haha should be interesting!

Well I'm off to have dinner, I hope everyone is having a great week!

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