Sunday, October 7, 2012


To all my fellow Canadians I would like to first wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!! I am very jealous of all the turkey and apple pie you are all having.. I wish I could say I was having the same! And yes all I really care about is the turkey and the pie, I could care less about all the rest of it! We considered having a turkey today but Jason has been really wanting a fish chowder so he decided to make that instead.

Well I figure I should fill you in on whats been going on around here.. not a hell of a lot really. I took a mental health day off work on Thursday, I'm telling you I hate that place so friggin' much that I knew there was a lot to be done that day and considering I'm the one to do all of it all the time I said fuck it and called in sick! I honestly don't think I have ever called in sick to work unless I was really sick but that place makes me so fucking miserable everyday that I couldn't help it. I had a FABULOUS day off work, I cleaned the apartment, did grocery shopping, washed all the bedding, drank coffee and screwed around on pinterest.. it was fabulous. Having Sunday's and Tuesday's off sucks because both of those days being separate there is always stuff to do! I feel like I don't ever get a day to myself that doesn't involve things I have to do but don't really want to. I know its part of being an adult but Ive never felt so miserable about my work situation that I think its affecting everything else. Anyways I tried out a new recipe from pinterest (by the way if you haven't noticed I'm absolutely obsessed with that website!) and I really had a great day!

Well I went back to work on Friday and she didn't do a fucking thing that was suppose to be done on Thursday! There was a ton of move In's, all of them army guys JUST back from Afghanistan in the last few days and we had already done all their paperwork online and she knew they were coming and she knew they would be ready and she found STUPID reasons not to let them move in so she didn't have to do the work! FUCK! How selfish??? Those guys had to stay in a hotel another night because she was being lazy? If you're too old and lazy to do the job stop pretending you are so you can get paid for it!

Friday and Saturday I didn't have a lunch, I didn't sit for 2 minutes unless it was to write up a lease! I got soak and wet 3-4 times a day running back and forth from all the different properities in the rain! And when I went to someone for help.. Tom... he was a miserable bastard to me. I came home Friday night exhausted and sat on the couch and cried.. profusely, to my mom! The way they treat people, the way they treat me.. its almost unbelievable! Again.. do I wear a sign that says door mat? Why is it that I so often encounter the most ignorant people on the face of the universe. Well Ive fucking had it! Jason and I went to dinner at Lonestar and had the intent to get to the movies but we didn't make it!

Saturday only got work, Dana was set to move into the unit at Creekside and I already had a HUGE list of things that didn't get some that should have, well let me tell you the list got bigger Saturday.. it was a joke! The day was a mess, again I was swamped and all people did was yell.. at me.. about stuff that wasn't my fault or I have no control over... it was bullshit! I came home HATING that place more than I ever have EVER! 

So last night we had to go to the grocery store to get a few things for Jason to make fish chowder and because we were finished dinner early enough we decided to go for a drive before we went to the store. We have our favorite places to go where we tend to see things and boy were we surprised last night! We drove out to Little Campbell Lake and there were people there so Jason said "well I'm sure we wont see anything with all these people here" WELL... all those people were there because there were two bull moose horns locked FIGHTING! Ive never seen moose do that! They were smashing their heads together and grunting and then they would take walk off and then fight more.. then walk off and fight more! We seriously watched them for about 20 minutes! Jason got out of the truck and was standing about 10 feet in front of the truck watching them because they had started to walk away and he started banging a stick against this wooden post hoping they would come back. Well all the sudden Jason started running and the woman standing beside her car beside the truck yelled "oh shit" and jumped back in her car.. haha! Well two dogs came flying after the moose and the moose both took off running SOOOOO FAST! I have also never seen moose run like that! The dogs chased them through the woods! Haha never seen anything like it! Oh.. did I mention I DIDN'T TAKE MY CAMERA!!! Lesson learned!

Nothing excited going on today, I slept in and Jason got up and made chowder. Kevin came over to watch football and that's really all we've done all day.

I'm going to sign off for now and show Jason my pinterest boards.. haha! I plan to go to work tomorrow and flip my shit.. I hope they fire me! I know I could find a new job no problem but it just wont be nearly as convenient! I seriously just cant handle this much longer, or I might just have to bath with the toaster! Ive never see this kind of stupid.. well.. not ever but not here.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend, those of you who it applies to!

Jason has been sick AGAIN.. now with a cold if you can believe it! I feel bad for him, by just going to work he is opening himself up to illnesses of all sorts it seems!

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