Sunday, April 7, 2013

Greetings from the West!

Well its been a lot longer than I thought since Ive blogged! I thought I might have blogged before we left Maine again but it doesn't look like that happened so I will back track a little bit and fill in the piece and let you all know how we got to our current location, Estevan, Saskatchewan!

So we were in Maine until Wednesday, we went for my biometrics which was easy, dealt with the DMV and then saw the Goodwin's before heading back to Jason's parents. We had a good visit with Jason's parents Monday night and than while everyone was at work on Tuesday we packed the truck and got organized. Tuesday night we went to Jason's cousins sons basketball game in Perry Maine and then came back and got it all together to head out early the next morning. We decided that we would try and get out around 8:00am so to avoid all the Toronto traffic we usually hit when we leave Maine at 6:00am. BAD PLAN! We woke up to a snow storm and the roads were horrific, Jason's Dad called from work to tell us to take Route 1 instead of Route 9 like we usually would because there were cars off the road everywhere and things were a mess. GREAT!

So we got on the road and it took us a lot longer than it usually would because of the crap weather and road conditions! On top of making back time because of weather the GPS was being a bitch and took us in the wrong direction more than once.. talk about a good drive! Finally we made it to the border where Jason intended to get his work visa but that didn't happen. The only thing we accomplished was declaring my pepper spray from Alaska and them confiscating it on account that apparently pepper spray is illegal in Canada? Who knew!

We finally made it home around 11:00pm, it was a long friggin' day let me tell you!! If I didn't mention it before we really bit off more than we could chew with all of the driving this time, it was miserable.. but none the less we were happy to be home!

We really enjoyed our time at home although in the end we really didn't get to see everyone, spend as much time as we would have liked to or get to all the places we wanted to. Not being home for a year and a half and then only getting to go back for a week really doesn't leave enough time for anything!

We left home this past Thursday morning and landed our first night in Wisconsin! I think you should all go back and read through my blog and count all the states we have visited in the last month.. haha! We have been in Wisconsin before, actually in the same place about 4 years ago on our way out here last time! So we ate at the same restaurant and found a hotel and went to bed for the night!

Friday we drove on to Minot, North Dakota where we had high hopes for a semi big city.. no such luck! So we had dinner and walked around the mall a little and then headed to the hotel! We knew we were going to get up semi early to get to the border at a decent time and get into Estevan by noon! Well we woke up to ICE FOG! Good lord I swear mother nature is following me with crap cold weather, I was so unimpressed! The whole drive you couldn't see more than 5 feet ahead of you! We got to the border and they were nice and Jason got his visa and we were ready to head to the apartment.

I'm not going to lie driving into town it took everything I had not to cry, it was everything I feared and worse! Its honestly what I feared Anchorage would be like.. right now Anchorage is looking like New York City compared to this place! No word of a lie this place is a hole! So much so that even Jason said he wishes we never came here.

We got to the apartment and met Gary to get the keys and went on in. First I should say that the parking lots were not plowed and it was like driving through the woods to get to a parking spot.. ridiculous! When we walked into the apartment building it smelled of bad apartment and food.. I hate that about apartments, and really we have been lucky to not have ever had to deal with it.. little did I know when we walked into the actual apartment it was going to get a hell of a lot worse. We walked in and I walked through the kitchen into the dining room and absolutely sobbed.. that hysterical cant catch you breath, life is over sob! I begged and pleaded with Jason not to make me live there before even looking at the rest of the place. He hugged me and said we didn't have to stay! The apartment was absolutely disgusting, completely unlivable! There were holes in the walls that had been terribly patched, the base board heaters were falling apart everywhere, there were no blinds, the paint needed to be scraped off everything and redone, there were holes that weren't even patched. The carpets were DISGUSTING, HUGE stains everywhere and just plain disgusting.. I was afraid to open the cupboards in fear of finding bugs.. all of this for the very low price of $1500.00 a month.... not happening! So we left.

We hit the first hotel we saw and no luck! Honestly not only are all the apartments shit holes they basically told us some hotels we shouldn't even look at because they too were shit holes! So when we came across the Best Western and they had a room available for a month and it was brand new, clean and had a full kitchen we took it. We really didn't have a choice, we weren't staying in the apartment and when Gary gave us the keys he told Jason that people sleep in their cars because there is nothing.

At this point I really don't have high hopes for finding a decent apartment, but I also don't plan on living here long.. because I think I would die!

Anyways we really didn't have a ton of settling in to do yesterday and what we did we accomplished quite quickly so last night we headed out for dinner and a movie. We actually got to see GI Joe in 3D which Jason was very excited about.. and well me, I think Channing Tatum in 3D is good no matter what! Haha!

So we are now on day two in Estevan and I have absolutely a million percent remember why I hate small towns..

1. There are no options
2 . There is no Starbucks
3. People stop in every ones way to chat with their neighbor about what they had for lunch.. MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!!!!
4. The movie theatre is small and shows one movie at a time.
5. There are no options
6. People park like assholes.
7. Grocery's are expensive.
8. There are no options

Basically there are too many to list, I already want to leave.

All is probably worse because I have a chest cold and feel crappy.. well no its definitely that bad.. never mind.

This morning we took a drive to the new plant Jason will be working on and its massive! Was good to see it and for him to get a feel for how long it will take him to get there and where to park and all that good stuff. I took a few pictures so you could all see too!!

So that's our scoop right now! Jason starts work tomorrow and I'm on my own! Where the hotel is I can walk to a few things which is good, not that there is a lot to walk to but whatever.
Honestly another hard part of this move is that we've been in the states for so long that they don't have any of the stuff we like here! I cant get peanut butter cheerios! How will I survive!


  1. Never ever ever ever thought I'd hear you say you wanted to go back to Alaska!

  2. NO KIDDING! Dont you think that explains how bad it is here! Even Jason said if he would have known what it was like out here we would have never came!

  3. I know you are miserable, but reading your list you made I nearly peed myself laughing. I know it sucks there, I wish i were there to keep you company.

  4. Haha I wish you were here too! I feel like that list gets a lot longer when Im out in public, I tell ya!