Sunday, April 7, 2013

PS - I forgot!

So today we come out of the grocery store and go to put the groceries in the truck and turns out it wasn't our truck! haha.. Jason opened the back door and when he went to put the stuff in there was a man and his wife sitting in it! Luckily they thought it was pretty funny and said they had done the same thing themselves! HAHA! Poor Jason's face! It was hilarious!! I can honestly say if I was sitting in the truck and someone opened the back door to put groceries in it would have scared the shit out of me! haha! All these look-a-like dirty trucks! Good lord!!


  1. That's funny. Reminds me of the time I walked into a house, straight into the livingroom thinking it was a business that wanted to deal with Bradford. There was little kid watching tv and he says, " Do you want my mommy ? I said, uhh, no, sorry, backed out,tried to make a get away and the mother was out in a flash with the portable phone in her hand asking me what the hell I was doing walking into her house. I explained, honest mistake, her house looked like an old business, which it was and the the previosu business sold the building and these folks turned into a house, sort of.

  2. Haha.. Well I say we are lucky they laughed it off and didnt get out and beat Jason or something. Funny thing is he used the unlock on the remote and it worked!!