Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Well lets just say I no longer wonder why so many commissioning guys get divorced.. it has to be jobs like this! Good god this place is an absolute freaking nightmare! There is absolutely nothing here and let me tell you things are looking up since Jason started work yesterday.

Jason got up early yesterday morning and headed to work, its not like the first couple days on a new site are very exciting on account of redoing all your safety training because its usually site specific and drug testing and all that jazz but this site seems to be a bit ridiculous! Jason spent over 3 hours yesterday in safety training and then had to go for drug testing, they are trying to make him have a complete physical which seems crazy because apparently no one else on site has had to do that and now they want him to go for an HIV test.. wtf? He finally talked to his boss yesterday and he said that he would look into it on account that he actually thought it was illegal to ask them to do all this stuff. Its so strange because SNC had done 3 other Sask Power jobs and nothing like this was ever required!

The job site is a mess of mud and crap everywhere.. which I know is not a lie because its all over the flippin' floor this morning. He said that nothing is organized, none of the paperwork makes sense and really nothing is done. He said that the client wont communicate or commit to anything so things are basically up in the air and in complete shambles.

To be honest I always have a hard time starting in a new place, its just getting somewhere new and finding a routine and making friends and finding a job, all off that stuff.. its hard at first. When we come to a place Jason has a job with people he knows and everything is fine.. usually Jason is the one being positive which makes me want to be positive.. NOT THIS TIME!

Jason hates it here more than I do, that or hes mocking me and I don't realize it. He doesn't like the town or the job, this morning it was 0 degree Fahrenheit with a wind chill making it a balmy -15F.. STELLAR! We both keep saying we just want to go back to Alaska.. and that we made a huge friggin' mistake not buying that house which would have given us a reason to get the hell out of here every chance we got. Its not like buying a house now would require us to change our lifestyle at all.. I mean really what lifestyle are we going to have here in small town rural abyss?

Living in the hotel really isn't all that bad though to be honest. Someone makes the bed everyday and cleans, there is always free coffee and tea, not to mention popcorn at night. I don't have to go outside in the miserable cold to go to the gym or the pool.. no where here has in suite laundry anyways and if something is wrong with the washer or dryer here someone will fix it right away. There is no mints on the pillow at night but I made friends with the maid yesterday and gave her some magazines so maybe tonight!

That's really about it, I wish I had more to report but expect my blogs for the next 4 months to be rants about crap... cant say I didn't warn you.

For all of you enjoying spring like weather to today.. shove it! ;)

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, it's frigging pouring rain here and they are calling for freezing rain and ice pellets on Thursday. What is Mother Nature up to?? It's APRIL!!