Friday, April 12, 2013


I’m just throwing it out there right now, for those of you who are offended by swearing, log out now! I try to be as respectful as I can although in all fairness any of you who know me well know how much I love to curse, but I try and be respectful... at this point that’s just not going to happen. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

As if it couldn’t get any FUCKING worse.. What did I blog about last time? My list of why I hate small towns... let’s start by adding to that list.

 #4805804 - Wal-Mart sucks... And no one there has a clue.

#4805805 - Everyone parks like an asshole!

#4805806 - You can’t buy stamps ANYWHERE... Good lord this is something Canada totally has going for it... you can buy stamps at the convenient store on the corner... NOT HERE!

#4805807 - Everything closes early... Come on, you don’t need to close at 5pm... YOU HAVE NO WHERE TO GO!!!

#4805808 – Everyone thinks common sense is GENIUS!

So naturally it’s not like anything is different here in the day to day… I wake up and go to the gym and then spend my day looking for a place to live and planning an elaborate dinner because what else do I have to do with my time right? Obviously Jason isn’t complaining. Jason spends his day trying to fix a mess that is his job and hating every minute of it… SWEET!

Well yesterday instead of sitting in the hotel all night we decided to walk over to Wal-Mart and print our pictures we took in Hawaii for an album, so we have dinner and head on over and what do you know.. THE PHOTO CENTER IS CLOSED! It didn’t even close at 5:00pm which I would expect from any small town… it closed at 4:45pm?? Pardon me? Did you get paid for that last 15 minutes or is your pay per half hour? 15 minutes? Minute? What the fuck? Why would the rest of Wal-Mart be open until probably 9:00pm but the photo center closes at 4:45pm? Riddle me that! Not only can you have no assistance or pick up pictures but they turned off all the machines so you can’t even pick your pictures and do everything so they could be picked up the next day. If it wasn’t for the fact that let’s be honest that is the only place in town to get pictures printed I would never go back, and while I was doing other stuff in Wal-Mart I would flip them off!

So we figured we would see if the trip didn’t have to be a total bust and maybe we could get stamps, so we head on over to the check out and I proceed to ask the girl, “Excuse me, do you by chance sell stamps?”… well she looks at me for a minute as though what I have said makes no sense at all, gets a stupid look on her face with her ridiculous blue hair and face piercings and says “Umm… I don’t know, I don’t think so… but… umm… I don’t know??” – Hmm… well thanks for the insight... Ps – you’re going nowhere in life, obviously.

Patience obviously isn’t my strong suit but come on! It never ever occurred to her to find out, or ask someone… she seriously thought this was a viable, appropriate answer! Good lord!

At this point I figured our best bet was to go back to the hotel before I spit at someone, but I really need stamps! Naturally I have no hope that somewhere that should have stamps actually will but I figure the corner store is my last hope besides the post office, which probably isn’t even looking good at this point. So we stop in at the corner store and stand there waiting for someone because there is no where behind the counter… turns out we stood there for 5 minutes and this MORON standing beside us was the attendant and never said a damn word.. I mean, COME ON! No stamps. We leave. Angry.

I should have known at this point this was not our night and we really just needed to go back to the hotel room… but no. Jason insisted on going to the front desk to see about getting a receipt to submit for expenses and to talk to them about staying… WELL… if you thought that the rest of the night was good… wait until you here this one! WE CAN’T STAY!

Yes you read that right, we have to be out of the hotel by May 15th because apparently due to a language barrier and bad fucking communication a very well prepared and competent oil company did their research and booked the hotel for their guys coming in May for 6 months! So we have to be out of here unless someone cancels and she said she would put a note on our account, but she also said that she would do that before so we would have first priority if someone cancels but she didn’t. Not to mention the fact that for all I know there is 50 people ahead of us on that list. So Jason yelled at her, and kept asking the same question over and over because he was clearly furious… well if you know Jason as all you know he is not a yeller, nor does he argue with strangers, apparently the stress is getting to him.

We came back to the room and called every hotel in town… nothing will be available when we need it. This morning Jason sent me a HUGE list of people to call about apartments, I sat and called every person on that list, nothing is available. I called Mel to tell her if she got the same list not to bother calling anyone because I already had and there was nothing and she said that she had dealt with 13 different realtors this week and they all gave her NOTHING!

So if this all isn’t clear basically were fucked! I don’t know what we are going to do; realistically we can’t live in a hotel without a kitchen because we would have to eat out 3 meals a day! It’s really not worth us being here if we aren’t going to save any money, isn’t that the point of working?

On top of all of this we have really been going back and forth about our decision not to buy the house and I think a lot of that is because of how miserable we are here! So I emailed the builder Wednesday and asked if the lot we were looking at was still available and thought if he wrote back and said no than obviously that was a sign… well its available. But now that’s irrelevant because as of May 15th if we don’t have anywhere to live I don’t know if Jason will have a job!

So that’s where we stand… in small town hell with nowhere to live and nowhere to go! YES!


  1. and NO stamps either . I am going to dream of you two living in the truck and sleeping in twin sleeping bags . uggghhh

  2. OMG! I feel so bad for you two. Though I don't know Jason, he seems like a laid back guy, so for him to be yelling, well that's not good. Can he ditch the job if you can't find a place to go??