Saturday, March 23, 2013

New day, new state!

New day, new place, new state every other hour it seems! At this moment we are stationary but I will back track and tell you how we got here before I tell you where we are!

So I believe the last time we left off was the 19th? Our time with the Seavey’s was coming to an end and on the 19th we headed back to Raleigh to do a few more things before heading to Maine.

March 20th – Damn Truck!

Oh how I did not want to get up today! I didn’t want to get into the truck or do anything.. let alone drive forever! But on a good note today was the first day of spring and it absolutely felt like it in North Carolina!

Our drive really wasn’t too bad until we hit Virginia! All along in Quantico and further on there was a million accidents.. and not just little accidents but pile ups!! There was more than one too.. so that really set us behind in the time we were trying to make!

We finally made it into Washington, DC and that was a cluster screw of traffic as well.. Honestly what a mess! Jason was losing patients, I didn’t want to be in the car.. it wasn’t pleasant! We decided to stop in Baltimore, Maryland for something to eat and just have a break and get out and stretch out legs!

We got back in the truck to hit Delaware and the tolls.. many many tolls! Then New Jersey which gave us a chance to scope out the scene as we do know there is an upcoming job there! But really it was all just leading up to NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!! You all know how much I absolutely LOVE NEW YORK CITY!!! The city is absolutely AMAZING, and the new Freedom Tower is absolutely incredible! I felt so great to be back there, but as much as I begged Jason would not stop at Daly’s for a Magners!

We finished out day of driving in Connecticut! It was kind of a joke finding a decent hotel in New Haven right off the interstate! But we finally got settled and were in there and in bed in time to catch up on Criminal Minds and Duck Dynasty! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

March 21st – Ok Mother Nature.. you want to play that game!


We woke up to snow this morning and it was not very appealing let me tell you, but as we got on the road it started to taper off!

Today we drove through New Hampshire, Massachusetts and then into Maine. We stopped in Portland to go to the mall and Verizon where I got a NEW IPHONE!!! FINALLY!!!! Color me VERY VERY HAPPY!

We stopped in Brewer at Weathervane on the way to Lubec for Jason to get a deep fried seafood platter! We didn’t get into Lubec until about 9:00pm-9:30pm! We started pulling a few things out of the truck and eventually that lead to taking out almost everything which lead Jason to be extremely overwhelmed!

I really didn’t want to deal with all of it that night, I was exhausted and extremely overwhelmed so I cried and went to bed. Haha!

March  22nd – Deal with it!

We got up early today and dove right into organizing etc! We really got through things a lot quicker than I had expected. We managed to get everything done and out of the truck, organized and situated then be out the door by 1:00pm. We got in quite a bit of visiting, dinner and made it back to the house for 9:30pm to be in bed early because we were getting up this morning to head out!

March 23rd – Sunday River.. Ski.. GO!

Today we got up early and got up on the road to head to Sunday River where Jason loves to ski! We arrived here about 2:30pm and Jason hit the slopes. I got a coffee and am just hanging out while Jason skis. I haven’t been feeling great the last couple of days, I think all of the traveling and driving and lack of sleep is catching up with me so my plan this weekend is to relax!

Tomorrow I have a 90 minute hot stone massage at the hotel spa which I am very much looking forward to and then we will stay here tomorrow night before heading to Portland Monday morning for my biometrics appointment.

After biometrics we will head to see the Goodwin’s in Bangor and then back to Lubec. Tuesday we will spend out day packing to head to Toronto and from there to Saskatchewan. By the time we get to Toronto we will have driven 6000 miles! Crazy!

So I probably won’t be back for about a week.. maybe but I don’t know. If not tonight than tomorrow I think I will try and get the rest of our Hawaii pictures up for everyone to see.

 Hope everyone is well!

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