Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mets Tradition & Wonderful Weather

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I know there has been some radio silence around here lately and I really have no excuse for it, I just really haven't had much to say. It happens and in the meantime I have been out enjoying the amazing weather and the city because we are down to the wire here and leaving in less than two weeks! I thought I would stop by today and fill y'all in on what we have been up to around these parts because its been awhile!

All week long they were calling for amazing weather on Sunday and as the week went on it just went on to get nicer and nicer of a forecast. Jason was set to have Sunday off and I was so excited to be able to get out and enjoy the weather with him. Later in the week Josh suggested a Mets game on Sunday and him and Jason got tickets, I was super excited as Tanya and I went to a Mets game when we lived here 4 years ago and we absolutely loved it.

Sunday was GORGEOUS and we were so excited to get out and enjoy it. We got up and out early... well actually Jason got up early and decided it would be a great idea to shake me awake and let me know he couldn't sleep.. then we were both up. We headed out to get breakfast before meeting Josh and Tanya to jump on the subway. Its kind of a long subway ride to Citifield from her, we have to take the path to 33rd then walk up to 42nd and get on the 7 all the way to the other side of Queens and naturally the subway was packed because of the game. We made it early enough to get beers and find our seats!

If you've never been to Citifield it is absolutely worth a trip! I know most people come to NYC to go to Yankee Stadium or Madison Square Garden but you are missing out if you don't check out Citifield. Its a beautiful open stadium, its clean and ranked the second best stadium in the U.S in regards to food I believe. I will say though the lines for food were outrageous, but to counter on a good note I never waited in line to go to the bathroom. Ya win some, ya lose some! 

They played the Washington Nationals and lost, sadly it was the second game in a row where the Mets didn't even score a run.. but Jason & I are Red Sox fans and Josh & Tanya are Yankee's fans so we didn't care that much! It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day, absolutely perfect for a baseball game! 

Yes everyone else is in shorts and tshirts but in my defense when the sun moved it got a little chilly. I am generally always cold, I don't know why. 

The game actually went by really quickly, afterwards we jumped on the subway for the longest ride back to the city! We decided to hit up the Wicked Wolf on Hoboken on our way home for wings.. which was basically the best decision ever. I never use to like wings but I tell ya I could eat the BBQ wings there every.single.day! 

We had dinner and decided to head home, Jason had definitely had too much fun for one day and needed to come home and go to bed or fall asleep on the couch.. whatever. It was a really great day, I am appreciating every single minute of the summer weather while we are all together to do things here and in the city before we all depart. 

Monday was also suppose to be fantastic weather (actually pretty much all this week is, minus tomorrow) so Tanya and I planned to make one last trip into Central Park to tour around and enjoy the park in its most colorful and lush state. I know we were there the week before but honestly you really cant get enough of the beauty at this time of year. 

We met early and made our way into the city. We toured around the drama that is NYC, I swear something was in the air yesterday in Manhattan because Time Square especially there was some ridiculous stuff going on. Anyways we hit up some stores as we made our way up to the park and then enjoyed a nice leisurely stroll through the park. Generally we don't stroll but I am on a mission to break in my converse shoes because they are literally trying to break my feet and yesterday was pretty miserable in that regard. I suppose it wasn't the best idea to wear them knowing I was going to walk a lot and already had blisters but I am DETERMINED to break them in, I love the way they look and I bought them because I wanted something with more support than flats but they are literally trying to break me. 

Here are some pictures from yesterday...

There were a ton of turtles and if you notice to the right of the picture the splashing? There were fish spawning/mating everywhere! I wish I would have gotten a better picture because the fish were actually huge! 

In a matter of a week the park has already changed so much, everything is even more green and beautiful. The trees are fuller and the colors are more vibrant, its amazing! Jason always says that he would most like to come back to NY around Christmas but I swear this city has something to offer in every season! 

We walked 10 miles yesterday and by the time we got home my feet were KILLING ME! I was near tears and all I could think was that I had to get these damn shoes off. Jason got home earlier than usual yesterday because I forgot the girl who bought our couch was taking it last night. What an ordeal that turned out to be. 

We put up signs last week to sell our couch and our bed. We bought the couch here and neither of us really care for it so we didn't want to take it.. plus we cant fit all our stuff in a 5x8 Uhaul that we usually get and getting a Uhaul here is RIDICULOUS expensive so we knew we wanted to get rid of something. The bed is still up for grabs, its old and we are do for a new one but so far no one has inquired about it and if it doesn't see we will take it. 

Anyways the girl came and looked at the couch last week and said that she's a med student and just got a new apartment and is looking for cheaper furniture. She said that she was looking to get something for a better price, good for her to bargain but the couch is basically brand new and therefore at a super cheap price! Long story short Jason went down $50 and said he would help her move it, my hubby is a good guy! She came last night to help carry it downstairs and over to her place. We got it downstairs and into the truck and as we were on our way to her place she said that she was worried it would be really hard to get it into her place. Little did we know....

So we get to her place and have to park a little down the street and then we realize she lives in what looks kind of like a brownstone.. immediately I was thinking about the narrow staircases in those things. So basically there were 12+ stairs to even get to the building and then the doorways were so small, and the staircases were even smaller... not to mention she was on the third floor. Long story short her and I were at one end and poor Jason was at the other, we made it up the first flight of stairs and there was absolutely no way this couch was going any further.. it just would not fit. I'm not actually sure how she ever thought it would. Worst the couch was absolutely ripped to shit from the moving. I was ready to cry, what the hell were we going to do now that she obviously didn't want the couch because she couldn't get it in her apartment and it was ruined!! 

We put the couch back on the back of the truck and left. Jason was absolutely FURIOUS and he never gets mad about anything. I was dreading having to move the couch back up to our apartment with him because I never wanted to move it in the first place because I am scared of hurting my shoulder again and I suck at moving and Jason isn't always patient. Not to mention who was going to buy it now that it was ruined? Selling it for what we had originally ask we would basically break even and we were happy with that but now what the hell were we going to do?

We came home and started calling/texting everyone we had heard from that was interested in the couch and finally we reached someone who was interested and we told them that it was in the back of the truck and we would bring it to them to look at. We were basically grasping at straws at this point because we wanted to get rid of it so bad and didn't want to bring it back upstairs. We took it over to these people to look at, there were a nice couple in the same situation as us, he is a software engineer and they travel around so they don't want to spend a fortune on furniture and they have a toddler. Long story short they took it, gave us what we were asking for it and Jason helped him move it into their apartment. Night over. 

I've done really well eliminating stress in my life and not getting stressed and emotional about things but last night was ready to breakdown.. good lord things could have turned out a hell of a lot worse. We are so grateful the couch is gone and we didn't end up paying someone to take it because it was so ruined. Plus don't think bad of us, we didn't haggle with the people that took it, they offered off the bat to give us what we had asked for it, we were willing to take less. 

So that's whats been going on lately, we had planned to deliver the couch last night to the first girl and then come home and got for a walk and get some ice cream and enjoy the nice weather but that obviously didn't happen, so that is the hope for tonight. 

I need to run and change the laundry and figure out something for dinner tonight, its a gorgeous day so I need to get moving so I can get out and enjoy it! 

Thank you guys for stopping by, I'm sorry I have been MIA.. but it happens!! I hope you guys are having week!!!

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  1. Great pictures Nicole. I have to agree with Jason. I would be furious too. This girl arrives, buys your couch, has no help lined up to get it moved, you guys take it over, wreck it and have to give her the money back. At least she could have given you 100 bucks for all the hassle she caused. Anyway, glad it worked out in the end.

    1. Thanks Steve! I don't blame Jason for being upset either, I definitely would have made more of an effort to rectify the situation in her situation then say.. sorry! We are so thankful the couch actually went and we didn't take a major loss like we expected to after it was wrecked.

  2. Love the photos Nicole :) Glad you enjoyed the baseball game. One of my sports favourites is country football - the other week I was listening to the Shepparton Swans vs Tatura Bulldogs match on the radio; you can tell you're listening to a local game when you hear the sound of a whistle and the commentator says "hang on ... which umpire signalled a penalty? What happened? ... Oh, I'm sorry ... that whistle was from the netball courts next door!"

    1. Thanks Stephen! That's funny about the game! We try really hard to catch local sports when we are at home or if there are local teams where we are! We like to go and watch most sports no matter what their ranking!! Thanks for stopping by :)