Friday, May 8, 2015

High Five for Friday 5.8.15

Good Morning Everyone!!

Today marks exactly one week until we move out of our New Jersey apartment! Believe it or not I don't have mixed feelings about it at all, as you know I am not exactly jumping for joy because we aren't getting to go home and stay but coming back the following Sunday because Jason's project isn't completed yet. I am glad to be getting out of the apartment I guess, I don't feel like.. oh I wish I would have... we've lived here for a year and lived in NYC for a year 4 years ago.. I'm pretty much done. I will miss the city in a way but I will definitely be happy to go home for awhile.

This week has been good but kind of quiet, the weather has been absolutely amazing which has been great, everyday I have been making sure to get out and enjoy it as much as possible because I feel like it has been so long since we've had it! It definitely felt like a really long winter to this now southern girl. Seriously though... anything under 65 and I'm in layers.

Anyways lets get to the highlights of the week shall we??

1. Mets Game in the Gorgeous Weather! 

Again if you read Tuesday's post Jason and I went to a Mets game with the McMann's! Tanya and I went to a game almost 4 years to the date and absolutely loved it but the guys had never been. We got tickets later in the week and were psyched to enjoy the beautiful weather and the game. Sadly the Mets lost but Jason and I are Red Sox fans and the McMann's are Yankee's fans so oh well. Regardless it was a fantastic day at the ball field and it didn't last 19 innings like the last game we went to.

2. The Wicked Wolf Wings...

Its very rare that I would care enough about food to put it in my favorites, unless of course it was a burrito! However Sunday after the game we finally made it back to the Wicked Wolf which is one of Jason's favorite restaurants here. We discovered it when we got here last year but during the NFL season it was always a beyond crowded and you would have had to wait in line so we never bothered.. but we always missed the wings. We had decided that we wanted to go back before we left for sure and finally made it their on Sunday, Jason ordered the BBQ wings as well as the medium wings and I pretty much ate all the BBQ ones myself.. they were FANTASTIC. If you are ever in the Hoboken area, I highly recommend stopping by the Wicked Wolf. 

3. Central Park in the Spring Time

I've posted quite a few pictures of Central Park lately, but its just so gorgeous this time of year. Central Park is one thing that I will really miss about the city so I wanted to make sure I got back there once more before we leave. Tanya has said that she also wanted to go back and take more pictures so we decided to head in on Monday. Its always better to go to the Park on a week day because although its still busy, its considerably less so than on a weekend. We toured around for a long time just enjoying the scenery and taking pictures, it was such a gorgeous day and as far as I'm concerned a day in Central Park is always a day well spent. 

I wonder if Demi Moore sold her condo up there?

4. Selling our Couch... and not losing a bunch of money!

Did you happen to read about our couch debacle in Tuesday's post that took place on Monday? If not basically we sold it to a girl, offered to help her move it because she had no one else, we took it to her apartment and it wouldn't fit up the stairwells and by this time it was ripped to shit for lack of better words. When we realized it wasn't going to work she basically said.. sorry guys, thanks for trying. We were so upset and worried that not only would we maybe not be able to sell it and we didn't want to keep it but if we could sell it, it was no longer in basically new condition like it had started out and we were going to take a major loss. We came back to the apartment in a bit of a panic and started contacting anyone who had reached out to us interested in it. In the end we took it to show people (yes we were desperate), they are in a similar situation as us, moving around and not looking to spend a ton of furniture and they offered us exactly what we were asking! Thank goodness! It wasn't an ideal situation by any means but in the end it worked out and I couldn't be more grateful.

5. Old Navy Sale

While in the city earlier in the week Tanya and I popped into Old Navy because its massive, has beyond a lot of options and there was a big sale going on. We didn't really go in looking for anything in particular but found a lot. I am in the mark for some summer stuff and managed to find an amazing deal on a super cute and comfortable pair of shorts as well as a pair of boho cropped pants, they are super soft, almost a satin like material. I will say I tried on a ton of dresses and none of them looked right, which was super disappointing but I am very happy with my purchases and even happier with the price! If you are interested online they are still having a site wide 40% off so click HERE to check it out, they definitely have a lot of great options!

So that is my scoop this week. Next week is most likely going to include a lot of packing.. although I have packed all this stuff so many times I will basically have it done in a day. I did a lot of purging this week which always feels amazing and made a really big effort to start cleaning out the fridge, freezer and pantry and I am confident there will be no waste or having to take a bunch of stuff with us. I am gutted that I am going to miss my Thursday shows next week as Jason will have to unhook all our TV/ internet equipment Wednesday night to take it all back on Thursday because its a lot closer to work than the apartment.

I am going to try and blog as much as possible next week, I know its been pretty sporadic around here the last two weeks and sadly that may continue the next two weeks but after that hopefully I will get it together.

I hope you guys are having an amazing week, and have an amazing weekend! We are hopefully going to have really great weather and make the most of our last weekend in town!! And of course Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Mothers out there, especially mine! I love you Mom!!

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