Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On the Road Again... Goodbye Jersey City

Good morning!!

As you all know this week we are moving and sadly tonight Jason will have to unhook all of our TV and internet stuff so I wont be able to post until either the weekend while we are home, which I wont promise anything because we are going to be so strapped for time or Monday when we are back! I'm really sorry but I always have such a hard time getting my blog to post from by phone and therefore I don't want to count on that.

I thought because this will be my last post most likely for the week that I would stop in and chat about our week as I will be missing High Five for Friday and just let y'all know how packing and such is going.

Sunday was such a great day, Jason had the day off work and although it was our last weekend in the city we didn't plan to do anything major.. just enjoy the day! We got up and decided to head out to breakfast, we really love City Diner in Jersey City but we were assuming everywhere was going to be packed with people going out for Mother's Day brunch. Jason told me to pick where we would go and it came to me that one place I always wanted to try while we were here but never did was a place called Stacks in Hoboken. It was such a gorgeous morning, we headed into Hoboken and got to Stacks just in time.. we got a seat right away and not 5 minutes later there was a huge line up out the door!

Like all places in Hoboken it was really small but the food was really good! When we went in they brought out corn bread which I absolutely love.. I won't lie though after tasting and discussing with Jason we decided it was definitely Northern corn bread, not the Southern version which I prefer! Don't get me wrong it was really good, but not my absolute favorite! Breakfast was excellent and afterwards we hit up Dunkin Donuts and shared a iced coffee for the walk home!

We came home and dropped off our leftover breakfast and decided to head over to the mall because Jason has been having a lot of trouble with his work boots and because he spends so much time in them and on his feet it is so imperative he has something comfortable. We walked over to the mall and spent a great deal of time in Sears while Jason tried on every pair of boots he could and then decided not to get any! HA! Typical Jason. I mean I want him to be happy and comfortable with whatever he chooses but he found boots he liked he just couldn't decided.

Truth be told we spent a ton of time at the mall, we both got new shorts for summer.. Jason wanted to beach shirts and what not. I wanted to pick up a few things at Kiko Milano (makeup) because they don't have stores everywhere yet and as of right now they are not online to order from so I wanted to grab a few things. Side note... I cannot stress enough, if you haven't tried Kiko products I cannot recommend them anymore!!!

We didn't get home until after 3pm and we both called our Mama's and then Jason made dinner. We headed out after dinner for a long walk that somehow resulted in my getting a new phone case! I have been looking for one since Christmas time and I just couldn't find one I liked.. well that's not entirely true! I found one I really liked from Kate Spade on eBay and I didn't buy it and then it was gone. Go figure. I haven't been able to find anything I love since and while at Target last night Jason and I were looking at what they had there and when I couldn't find anything we decided to run next door to Best Buy and see what we could find. I ended up getting THIS case and I am really happy with it! My phone was started to get scratched so mostly I am really happy to have something on it again to protect it!

We came home and Jason took apart the coffee table because we just weren't using it not having a couch and took apart one of our extra dining room chairs.. just getting things done that will save time later and if we're not using it why not! I absolutely love days when Jason are home.. I wish it was more than once a week.

Monday I started on the smaller things that we wont be using and started packing them up. I cleaned out all the crap under the bathroom sink.. its amazing what you shove under there and forget about. I also have a storage type thing, it has two shelves and a drawer for all my makeup and hair stuff. I went through all that and packed up what I wont be using in the next few days. Packed the wine glasses and picture frames, all that good stuff. Its not stuff that needed to be done on Monday but I like to slowly work away at it when I have the chance because it makes things less hectic in the long run.

Last night we packed way more than we were planning to do but that's good with me! Today I need to pack my clothes *sigh* and clean out all the cupboards, oven and such. I swear our oven isn't really dirty but that is at the top of my list of the worst jobs to do and I would much prefer to pay someone to do it, just sayin'. Tonight Jason will take apart the bed frame and headboard, night stands and probably the dining room table and chairs. He will need to pack his clothes as well. Tomorrow night Jason will have to drop off all the TV stuff and stop to try and get mattress covers because I guess ours got ruined so he wont be home until late and then we are just planning on going out to dinner and having a relatively quiet night in preparation for Friday's long busy day!

We are planning to be up and out at early as possible. Jason wants to be waiting at UHaul when it opens and everything will be ready to go when he gets back. We will move the heavy stuff down first (bed & dresser) so he can tackle boxes while I finish the last bit of cleaning. Ideally we would like to be on the road no later than 11am so we don't get home super later as we will have to unpack the Uhaul when we get there. We are going to have such limited time at home this weekend (getting home Friday night, leaving Sunday late morning) that we need to have the UHaul unpacked so Jason can get a bunch of stuff done Saturday morning. We have high hopes for good weather while we are home!

So that's our scoop now, I apologize for not being around for the rest of the week but I should be back Monday as long as things go as planned!

I hope you all have a great weekend, thank you as always for stopping by!!

I wanted to leave you with this.. I came across it on Pinterest last night and I fell in love. Wise words for Wednesday!

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