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Products I'm Loving 5.27.15

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These are some of my very favorite posts to write, like all girls I love trying new products and when I find something I absolutely love I cant wait to share it with you guys. Trying new products can go either way, you love it or hate it and when you hate it having spent that money feels like such a waste. So its great to review products for others to read and help them decide if they would or would not work for them.

Lets jump in.

1. Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser

A couple of weeks ago I ran out of my Purity face cleanser that I love so much, because I find that the bottles of that I have owned tend to leak while traveling I figured with all of our upcoming travel I would just try something else. Aveeno was on my list because I have tried their Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer and loved it. I ran over to Target not entirely sure how much this was going to cost because Aveeno products can run a little high in my opinion but I figured $6.49 was a fair price. 

I am really in love with this product, I like that its a foam and a little really does go a long way. When I use this I feel that my face is really clean and fresh feeling but not dried out. I have super sensitive skin and changing products is really scary for me because I am always concerned about breaking out in spots or a rash but I have been super lucky with this product, it is very gentle. 

I would highly recommend trying this, in conjunction with the moisturizer as well. I will say that I will probably go back to my Purity one because that is just my holy grail face cleanser but I am not the least but upset about using this one in the meantime. 

Alright this is a oldie but a goodie! I have been using this stuff for YEARS and YEARS but when I found out that Lipsmackers were soon to be no more I absolutely had to get my hands on a few of these bad boys before they were gone. Plus for $1.47 who can resist! 

If you don't like Dr. Pepper than probably without saying you won't like these, although I'm not exactly sure they smell/taste exactly like the pop! These are just so moisturizing and the Dr. Pepper ones in particular have a red tint to them so if you aren't up for wearing actual lipstick but want to have something more than a regular clean lip balm than I highly recommend giving this a try! 

This is actually a really great example of what this product looks like on...

Bit of shine and bit of color, what more could you ask for right? Like I said I have been using them for years, when I was a lot younger I use to love all of the sweet bakery like flavors and I wont lie I bet if you rummaged through my make up stash at home I would lay money you would find a few! You cant really go wrong with Lip Smackers, swing by Target or Walmart and get yourself some before you no longer can!!! 

So as it turns out this particular scent is just at Ulta, but I have recently noticed that you can purchase the Pacific line, which is vast at Target now! I may or may not have mentioned these in a past post about products I was loving but hey, obviously I am still loving them! I am obsessed with wet wipes, I have them stashed everywhere because I am a little bit ridiculous about germs, not to mention sometimes they are just more convenient and useful then hand sanitizer! 

These bad boys aren't for germ killing sadly but more for moisturizing. My hands get dry from all the hand sanitizer and wet wipes I use so its great to have something like this that puts the moisture back into my hands without leaving my hands greasy, not to mention they smell absolutely AMAZING! I have also used them on my legs when I have shaved them but didn't have lotion on hand to use afterwards and they worked flawlessly. 

You can buy these in a variety of scents, and I know at Ulta they often have promotions going on and off all the time with this brand to get more bang for you buck, but if you don't have an Ulta near you check out their line at Target!

I know, this is kind of an odd product to put in my favorites but seriously guys this is worth buying. I don't know what a difference I see it making in the color or my teeth necessarily but more than anything its the fact that is literally leaves my mouth feeling so fresh forever. I don't even know what else to say about it, I can brush my teeth and an hour later my mouth still feels fresh and minty and almost tingly, in a good way of course. How often do you brush your teeth and then 20 minutes later (and that's probably being generous) you cant really tell anymore. 

I started off getting a little sample one in the travel section at Target just to see if I would like it and I definitely cannot say enough good things about it. If you are in the market for a new toothpaste that leaves your mouth fresh for a very long time, this is the one for you! 

This is exclusive to Birchbox, the set I believe obviously not the product and that is where I received mine! I got the sample size with the cloth in a Birchbox ages ago and somewhere along the moving and packing and what not it got lost in the mix and I recently found it while we were at home and decided to bring it along and give it a try! 

This is what it says about it on the Birchbox website...

Birchbox Breakdown
This world-renowned two-part skincare system (seriously, it’'s won more than 100 beauty awards) has a major cult following. Try it once and you'’ll find out why. The creamy cleanser gently removes all traces of dirt, grime, and makeup (yes, even your waterproof, wear-all-day, no-flake mascara and eyeliner) with the help of two of nature's best astringents, eucalyptus essential oil and rosemary, and leaves it hydrated thanks to moisturizing cocoa butter. The ultrasoft 100 percent cotton muslin cloth included in this kit gently exfoliates, sweeping away dulling dead skin cells and increasing circulation for a healthy-looking glow. Your complexion is left smoothed, soothed and radiant-looking. The kit also comes with a sleek zip-up bag for easy storage and transport—.

Ok.. so they aren't lying. This stuff is actually amazing! I use it at night to take off all my makeup along with this cloth and let me tell you, nothing has ever made my skin feel softer! Who would have thought a cleanser along with a special little cloth could do such wonders! I have never tried any other Liz Earle products before but I hear people rave about them all the time and I am so glad that I finally tried this. For the full size product on the Birchbox website along with the cloth and travel case it will run you $25.50 which I think is more than a bargain! 

This is definitely going to be on my "Purchase full size product" list from all the stuff that I have tried at Birchbox because it in INCREDIBLE!!! Don't take my word for it, try it yourself!!! I promise you wont be sorry!!

OK so I had another one to share but I believe it has been discontinued which is a total piss off for me and obviously I am not going to share it with you, tell you how great it is and then you cant get it, that would just be mean! But I will say that it was a hand sanitizer and if you are looking for amazing hand sanitizers than I would highly recommend the ones at Bath & Body Works as they have a huge range of scents and they are absolutely amazing! Click HERE to check them out! 

So there are just a few things I have been loving lately! I hope you enjoy and please do tell me what you have been loving lately!!

Hope you're having a fantastic day!! 

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