Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Good Morning,

I don't know why it has taken me all week to write this post, we really had such a great weekend! Last week I was watching TV one more and it came up that there was an airshow over the long weekend at Jones Beach, for some reason that sounded familiar to me but I couldn't put my finger on where Jones Beach was or why I thought I knew it. Eventually it came to me that last summer we went to visit Chris and Samantha and they took us to Jones Beach! See I remember some stuff. I sent Jason an email at work and mentioned that there was an airshow and was I correct in remembering it was by Chris and Samantha's house! Long story short Jason text Chris and asked was it there and had he ever seen it, was it worth the trip. Chris said they didn't have any plans for the weekend that we should come down and we would all go together.

Before I get into the actual weekend though I wanted to quickly share a picture I got while we were out last week getting a few things for the weekend, because I know all of you don't follow me on instagram and its too good not to share!

Crazy right? We were in the store parking lot getting ready to go in! Beautiful night. 

Anyways! I won't lie I was not looking forward to driving there with Jason knowing how traffic was going to be and he is always cranky when there is traffic! It was the Friday of Memorial Day so he made sure to prepare himself because it was bound to be bad! Go figure it wasn't at all, not only did we manage to get on the road an hour earlier than we had expected but we managed to get there like 2 hours ahead of what we had anticipated, you gotta love when that happens! 

I hadn't realized that Chris and Samantha had moved, I knew they had been talking about it but I guess I was out of the loop. When we arrived Chris gave us the grand tour along with his beautiful little nieces. We had a pretty quiet night, everyone was tired and we went to bed early in anticipating of the next day. 

Saturday we were heading to the airshow and instead of driving over to it we ended up taking Chris's boat! I will apologize in advance for the crappy pictures but I am basically uneasy rider on the water and so I was far to paranoid to take my real camera. I don't remember what time we actually got on the water but I couldn't believe how many boats were out there, its funny because there aren't any signs on the water, its not like cars on the street but we managed to get there safely and find a place to drop the anchor. 

I'm not going to lie it was quite chilly on the water, or by the water for that matter. I was in a fleece sweater the entire time we were out there.. although I think I was the only one with an issue because the guys were in shorts and tshirts and Samantha was quite warm she said. 

The airshow was great as always, I swear nothing will ever compare to the one we saw in Alaska but we so look forward to going to one whenever we get a chance. Here are a few pictures I got, remember they are crap quality, I told you ahead of time. 

We didn't stay for the entire show, sadly the tide changed and it got COLD! Literally the wind picked up and simultaneously everyone (on every boat) stood up to put on layers.. it was nuts! We toured along the water back to the dock and decided to head back for a traditional Memorial Day BBQ! We had talked about going out but figured we would have a lot more fun at the house, so we cooked up a huge feast and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! I forget how much I love grilling and we sadly just don't get to do it much. 

After dinner Jason and Chris got a camp fire going which I was pretty excited about and Samantha and I made a trip to somewhere I had never been, and now I am not sure how that is possible. We drove over to Carvel which is an ice cream shop and let me tell you guys.. the ice cream was too die for! Jason didn't want any but when I shared mine with him he said.. and I quote "The caramel is the perfect texture" HA! He wasn't lying! If you ever happen to drive by one of these places, do yourselc a favor and treat yo self! 

Samantha and I didn't last as long as the guys did that night, lets just say they were having a very good time! 

Sunday morning although we were sad to leave we decided that because we were so close to the Hamptons we might as well check it out! We said goodbye to Chris and Samantha, who we are so grateful to for having us over and showing us such a good time, grabbed bagels and hit the road. Traffic again wasn't too bad until we actually got into the Hamptons which we basically should have figured being the kick off weekend to summer. 

Honestly the Hamptons is your typical beach town but more on the posh side. Everything is perfectly groomed everywhere, people we clad in beach bonnets and Lily Pulitzer. Most of the homes were gated, and I did notice that a lot of the homes exteriors were pretty much the same, wooden shingles. The street names were all adorable, Lily Pond Lane.. I mean who wouldn't want to live there?

We stopped and checked out a little restaurant in East Hampton which was really good and toured around. It was actually absolutely FREEZING at the beach, the temperature was only 60 degrees and it was quite blustery so sadly we didn't get a lot of beach time! 

If you are into Winery's, Vineyards and antiques this would be a great place for you to visit. I would have loved to have visited a Winery and done a wine tasting but its totally not Jason's thing and we really only had the day because we were heading back to New Jersey so there wasn't really time. Maybe next trip though! The Hampton's really is worth checking out, its small beach town at its best. 

Our trip back was fine, for some reason we ended up driving straight through midtown Manhattan which is about as fun as it sounds, and in case you aren't familiar... its not fun. But that was really the worst part of our trip. Jason and I were both super tired when we got back to the hotel so we got in bed and ordered Chinese.. it was great. Well the Chinese food actually sucked but the night was great. 

Jason worked on Monday which we knew was going to be the case, I won't lie sometimes it sucks. I wish we had just that one more day to enjoy, explore and make the most of. Its rare that Jason gets a holiday weekend off though so I am thankful for the time that we had. Overall we had a fantastic weekend! 

What did you guys do over Memorial Day? Do tell! 

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  1. Air shows always remind me of my Dad. We would go to the CNE every year for the show. He was a pilot in the air force so knew exactly what the planes were and always had the time of his life.

    1. We love the Airshow too, although I can imagine it was that much better having great stories to go along with it!