Thursday, May 21, 2015

Back in New Jersey

So I decided to take a little bit of a hiatus, or rather it kind of just happened. As I mentioned last week it was going to be an absolutely chaotic weekend which it absolutely was and then since we've gotten back here I just haven't felt like I have had much to say. I decided to stop in today and do a little recap and then just start fresh next week.

Where did we leave off? Wednesday right.. I think so. OK, so onto Thursday.

Nothing super exciting happened on Thursday, I met Tanya at the mall for coffee and to catch up as I wouldn't be seeing her and actually hadn't seen her because she was busy with her cousin all week. After that I went home and took apart the dining room table as well as the bed, I have to tell you guys I am super proud of myself for accomplishing these two tasks because I will be the first to admit that I am not very handy. I basically just spent the day packing and taping up boxes, moving things around and cleaning what I could. Jason text me to let me know when he would be home and so I could order dinner! Dinner met Jason outside which was great and we ate before finishing up all we could and getting in bed, knowing Friday was going to be a really long day.

 Friday I was up at 4:30am, when something is going on it is pretty much guaranteed that I am not going to sleep. Jason was up just after 5am but it was really hard to actually start getting stuff done because we had to be respectful of the neighbors and all that jazz. Jason left just after 7am to get and get the Uhaul and I got ready and started doing what I could. I managed to get the mattress and box spring in their plastic covers and get them all taped up and moved out into the living room.. again, a little proud of myself. I moved the dressed out as well (note.. take the drawers out of the dresser, its a major help and when moving put your clothes hangers in the drawers!!!) I wanted to start cleaning out the bedroom as soon as I could. Jason arrived pretty much as soon as I finished that up so we moved the bed and dressed down. I helped with a bunch of stuff and then got to cleaning while Jason packed the Uhaul.

Let me just say again that I had fought and fought with our building to have a walk through when we moved out, I wanted to make sure everything was up to their standards before we left so we could rectify anything if not. They outright refused which only further lead me to believe the reviews online that they would try and screw us out of our deposit. They went as far as to lie that they wouldn't have any maintenance men available to do our walk through that day.. when I went to turn our keys in there was 10 of them sitting in the court yard doing dick all, including the gentlemen responsible for the move out inspections. I was absolutely FURIOUS!

We got on the road before 11am which we had expected and headed South. I wont lie guys, the traffic was horrendous.. I don't know where everyone was going but what a mess. It took up almost 12 hours to get home when it should have taken us 7 and a half! Jason was in a state! We grabbed a pizza close to the house and decided to unpack the Uhaul as soon as we got home. We ended up not getting into bed until almost 1am and let me tell you guys.. I am not a good sleeper AT ALL but I slept more soundly then I have in well.. longer than I can even remember (which isn't exactly saying a lot, but you catch my drift).

Saturday when I got up Jason was already out the door to run errands and I made a coffee and got to unpacking inside. Naturally the clothes took the longest, I decided to purge some of my closet on account that I was finding it really overwhelming. I always have such good intentions when cleaning out my closet.. but then....

I filled two bags which for me is good. I also managed to go through all my books (because I found two boxes I forgot I had) and managed to get it down to one box. I feel right there that our trip home was worth it. 

Saturday was busy and HOT, which I'm not complaining about. Jason worked outside while I worked inside and then I did some running around in the afternoon and we enjoyed dinner on the back deck.. it was lovely! I would say that was the only moment we actually enjoyed the house which makes me sad, and it was more me because Jason was up every 15 minutes adjusting the sprinkler. He also thought it would be hilarious to spray me with the hose, which obviously I did not think was funny.. so he did it again. Ugh!

Sunday I had an early appointment so while I was gone Jason packed his clothes to come back, I was basically looking for any excuse not to pack but still made my way back to the house as soon as I could to get started. Can I just say how annoying it is to spend a whole day unpacking and finding a home for everyone only to turn around and F with it the next day. I was a bit CRANKY! Because of said mood Jason suggested Moe's for lunch and y'all know how much I love Moe's!! After lunch we were headed North again, ever so sadly. We made it about 5 minutes down the road when Jason realized he didn't pack any shoes, but what was on his feet.. so we turned around. At this point we've been here 5 days and Jason has forgotten a lot of other things. 

The drive back here was a nightmare, and I have officially decided that I will NEVER, EVER do it again. Jason has no patience and get so pissed about the traffic and I instantly am on edge.. the whole drive was absolutely terrible, again taking us 10+ hours! We didn't make it back to the hotel until midnight at which point I just wanted to go to bed. We unloaded pretty much everything, dropped it in our room and went to bed. 

Monday I was exhausted, I'm sure Jason was too and he had to get up in the morning for work. I guess in all the hustle and bustle the night before.. in the dark no less Jason decided the room we were in was not to his liking and called my on Monday morning to go downstairs to talk to the front desk about moving, when I got down there she called me by name so I knew she had already spoken to Jason. We ended up getting a bigger room with a full size fridge and stove which is great because it wont make it seem so much like a hotel. 

We've basically been settling in, every night we have been out running around and getting things we need. We are trying to get into some kind of routine.. gym and so on. I have been enjoying the massive outlet mall across the street, naturally! I forgot stuff too ya know! HA! Really though I only brought my denim jacket and a fleece and its basically winter here! At noon today it was 58... that's just unreasonable, where the hell did summer go?? 

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend which I am excited about, we are going to spend it with friends at an air show and just hanging out! Jason gets the whole weekend off (sadly only two days not the three but we will take what we can get) so I'm really looking forward to it. The weather isn't suppose to be fantastic but whatever, next week is definitely looking up. 

So that's what we have been up to. Next week I plan to be back to posting regularly but this week I just wasn't into it! I would like to get back to more book reviews as well, because I brought a ton back with me to read! I am still banking on being out of here the first week of July, if it doesn't happen then I think I might go home regardless. I am just not OK with going one job to another without having time at home. 

I hope you guys had a great week, if you are celebrating Memorial weekend away be safe!!! 

Have a great weekend and thank you as always for stopping by!!

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  1. I miss you! Where is this airshow? Never heard about it!

    1. I miss you too!! The air show is in Long Island!! I'm not sure we've been to a legit air show since Alaska and Jason is chomping at the bit, I think its going to be really good! What are you guys up to this weekend?

    2. Didn't have nay plans until yesterday. Josh is going golfing tomorrow and I'm going to do a tour in the city then Sunday we are going to just go wander around the Lower east Side. I love a good airshow, they were practicing like crazy today.

    3. Sweet! The airshow was really good, there is just something about them that is always exciting! Plus is was just nice to get away from the city for awhile. We actually ended up in the Hamptons on Sunday, I plan to blog about that this week!

  2. Lordy, things have surely been happening at your end. Hope things calm down soon!

    1. I'm hoping so too, we seem to always be on the go I tell ya!! :)

  3. I am officially tired after reading this post! Good thing you are both young! Hope all goes well for you.

    1. I'm tired from doing it, writing it and reading it over HA! Young or not last week was just a bust on account we were tired and getting settled and unsettled and then trying to get settled again. I'm not going to lie I'm pretty over it!