Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Well its getting close now! I'm really not as excited as the title of this blog would lead you to believe, but it is getting close so it seems to be all about Christmas! I'm definitely finished all my Christmas shopping, I'm waiting on one thing to arrive which I need to track now that I'm thinking about it! All the parcels we have sent have arrived at their destinations and we have received all the parcels we were expecting which is great!

Today was my day off so I got out with the girls and got something to wear for Christmas Eve, we had a great lunch and did a lot of touring around! I decided to wear my knee high boots with a pair of tights.. its not very often I get to wear a cute outfit because I work all the time but let me tell you my feet felt they could BREAK by the time we got home. I took off my boots at the door and on my way to the washroom I must have said "ouch" 50 times.. whoever said beauty was pain wasn't lying! It was an eventful day though, we lost the car.. haha for longer than I care to admit, especially considering the fact that there was 4 of us!

So I got home and wrapped one of the last presents I got and opened up an WONDERFUL parcel from Barb! She sent us all kinds of goodies! She stocked Jason up on cereal and added to the tea that Mom sent him, boxes of chocolate covered almonds, PINK MILK, chai tea hot cereal! Great box of goods, I'm excited for Jason to come home and see the loot!

I'm making a grocery list because that is our plan for tonight! I'm going to spend Sunday baking because as it stands the guys will be working Christmas Day so I would like to send some goods in for everyone.

Tomorrow Tammy is making all of us breakfast, I'M SO EXCITED! Shes making biscuits and gravy! I miss being in the south and getting biscuits and gravy! Tammy is THE southern belle so I'm super excited! Unfortunately I will have to go to work after that but whatever.. its definitely a good way to start the day!

Really there isn't much else going on, I think it might be a long week.. although nothing can be worse than last week!

Last week was a really long week and it definitely didn't end well. On Saturday I went to work and ended up dealing with an IRATE tenant. Her car was towed.. or rather her husbands car and all while he was out of town. She was in the wrong in that she received a letter at least a month ago saying that she was not allowed to park there! Then the car was not registered with us which would have also prevented a situation like this because we would have known who it belonged to and could have called them before towing it.. well maybe because we didn't even have a number on file that worked for them. Anyways she was in the wrong but would not hear it and was just screaming at me! Honestly Ive never had a bad experience with this girl and I kept asking her to calm down and that just made it worse! I didn't tow her car, I don't have that authority! So anyways it escalated and I eventually told her that I didn't deserve to be spoken to like that and therefore I wasn't going to continue to listen to it, she could calm down and call me back or she could have her husband call me and then I hung up. So she came to the office and screamed and yelled.. and basically this went back and forth until I called Tom and insisted he come down because I was at my wits end.. I just wanted to cry.. I couldn't deal with her anymore! So Tom came down to the office and as he comes in so did she and she was screaming at him and telling him I was the rudest person she had ever met.. the WORST person she had ever met.. which really upset me because I was being nice and trying to help but eventually just got really upset. So she took our business cards and said that she was writing letters and that she had already been in contact with her parents lawyer.. keep in mind she wasn't much older than me, if at all. So I came home and cried.. even though in the grand scheme of things she doesn't matter nor does her opinion but my feelings were hurt. I don't like anyone to hate me, or have a bad opinion of me... let alone act the way that she did towards me. Monday was quiet and she didn't return but I have no idea what tomorrow will bring.. or what today did for Deanna. Should be interesting.

So that's my scoop! Jason is home and making turkey pot pie for dinner, so I am going to run.

I hope everyone is having a great week!!

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