Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Well if you didn't hear about it through the grapevine or read about it on my facebook then you should know that we recently had QUITE an earthquake here! Monday afternoon we were in the office and all the sudden the earth started to move, a lot more than it usually does! Turns out it was a 5.8 earthquake that his 25 miles west of Anchorage.. SO SCARY! When you see a building SWAY in a way that a building never should its absolutely terrifying!

On a good note there was no significant damage and no one was hurt.. there was also no Tsunami warnings which is always a plus! I think I'm a lot more terrified about a Tsunami then an earthquake. Its probably because of the horrendous cold we've been experiencing.. I don't understand what is going on! We aren't getting any snow its just absolutely FREEZING!!!!!

Anyways the other night Jason and I went out to the post office to send out Christmas parcels, we went to the main one in Anchorage because its open late and so I could have help carrying the boxes! Well we got there and the guy told us that the cut off date to reach Canada was November 28th.. NOOOOOOOO!!!! So we sent it express and now we hope like hell. To be honest I'm not SUPER worried about it because he said its customs that is backed up but I think it will be fine! Lets hope!!

While we were out driving around I got a picture of this sign.. well kind of, it was dark! But I realized I don't actually have a picture of this anywhere!

Yesterday day was Jason and I's second wedding anniversary, honestly its so hard to believe! Where have the last two years gone? When I really think about it, we've been all over and seen and done so many things but its still hard to believe.
When I got up in the morning I saw this on the table...
I seriously wasn't going to open it until Jason got home so we could exchange gifts but honestly its a jewelry box, I wasn't waiting! haha! Jason bought me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings! I'm sorry I don't have a picture of them haha I put them right in my ears! They are absolutely beautiful!!
Now I didn't think that Jason's gift was going to make it on time as I ordered quite late. When Jason bought his gun he found this amazing custom leather gun holster that he loved but didn't want to spend the money on, so I bought it for him! Its absolutely beautiful and really it shouldn't have been here until probably late December, early January if then! Well I called on Monday and what are the odds, it was out for delivery and came yesterday!! YES!!
To be honest this week has actually been full of good fortune for me!! I won the family football pool, I won the work football pool which won me $105.00!!! Jason's gift came on time, I finally won my wunder under crops! I got BEAUTIFUL diamond earrings from Jason and I made a totally new recipe for dinner last night and it turned out amazing!!!
Yesterday was my day off, so the girls and I went downtown and I got quite a bit of Christmas shopping done and then picked up my weddings rings before coming home. I had to send them in to be replated and have the diamond on my engagement ring tightened! They weren't suppose to be back until next week.. SEE! GOOD FORTUNE!
Unfortunately now I must run and get ready to go to work.. ugh! I hope that everyone else is having a great week.. I will leave you with a somewhat crappy picture of a really cool thing! We saw this yesterday on our way home from the mall, it was half motorcycle, half car!!


  1. You are a spoiled girl (but well deserving!). I have never in 30+ years of marriage gotten diamond earrings! I want to see a photo of them either on you or not - I don't care. Just wanna drool! LOL

  2. Haha I was just going to post a picture of the gift I got Jason! I will make sure he takes a pictures of my earrings tonight so you can see them, I havent taken them out since I got them.. I absolutely LOVE them!!