Sunday, December 2, 2012


Well I thought I would stop in quickly and post these pictures I took yesterday!

Even though its horrendously cold here the sunrises are worth stopping and taking a minute to enjoy.. isn't this amazing...

Then last night Jason and I went to Fred Meyers (the grocery store) to get some stuff for dinner tonight and check this out! I tell ya I don't know if its an American thing or an Alaska thing but they have duct tape for EVERYTHING.. its hilarious.. of all things!!

Were not up to much today, just taking it easy! My end of the week at work was extremely busy and its been so terribly cold that having to be outside and running all over all day is just miserable! So I slept in this morning and got ready and now Jason is out doing some shopping and I am just hanging around.
Ive been reading about that Kansas City Chiefs player.. how awful... what at 25 could be so bad to leave your 3 month old child with no parents, to take your life.. a life you worked so hard to get, it just doesn't make sent!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

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