Saturday, December 1, 2012

Month end...

Well as usual I seem to have fallen short on keeping you all up to date on whats going on around here! With month end rolling around which makes me horrendously busy at work and Christmas rolling around and needing to get my ass in gear the get everyone their gifts ordered and ready to ship so they will arrive on time... needless to say things have been extremely hectic!

Ive been taking pictures of the beautiful sunrises and sun sets around here.. its been sunny everyday because its been sooo damn cold!! I keep meaning even just to post pictures of those but that hasn't happened so here are just a couple because I feel like they all look the same now!

So we've been trying out best to get in the Christmas spirit around here, its been so cold that indoor activities are extremely popular! Last Sunday we decided we would have a fire and listen to Christmas music, drink hot chocolate and put up the tree... needless to say Jason got right into it!

Haha! I bought Jason that Patriots Santa hat last year for Christmas and he absolutely loves it! Jason had made homemade wings and chicken fingers for dinner so he was snacking post tree decorating! We had a really great time decorating the tree.. although every year its a different tree and different ornaments its still us making out own traditions and I absolutely love that.

We also decided to decorate the balcony this year which is something we have never done. We bought a tree this year that already had the lights so we had extras and then Deanna gave us a wreath to use to we decided to put them up on the balcony. Although its FREEZING COLD here lately we went out for frozen yogurt the other night.. hahaha.. and then came home and stood on the balcony FREEZING and decorating.. although I don't have a picture of the finished product which I promise to get, I do have some pictures of the process!!

It really does look awesome, Jason did such a great job! A good job is a good job but a good job done in adverse conditions deserves extra points!

Its been a busy week.. a rough week actually! On Monday afternoon I took a longer lunch (with permission of course) and decided to go and get a coffee.. well on my way I was driving along and hit some black ice causing the truck to spin.. well if you know me at all you know that I do not do well with this at all.. I didn't even think there was ice on the road, you couldn't see anything and I honestly wasn't even going fast.. well I cried.. and then I got to my destination I threw up in the parking lot! I don't know why the hell I get so upset.. I think that is the scariest thing in the world!! I mean it was no big deal, I didn't hit anyone or anything, I didn't go off the road.. but I was so upset.. I mean I basically had a mild cardio infraction.. AKA - I CHOKED ON MY FRIGGIN' HEART! I'm never driving again!

However when I got there they has sample drinks.. STARBUCKS had sample drinks! It didn't cure all, I was a wreck driving back to work.. but who doesn't love free Starbucks!


Tuesday was my day off and Imelda made an AMAZING Mexican lunch.. honestly her cooking is too good for words and she knows that I don't like any other meat but chicken so no matter what she makes she always makes me chicken.. god love her! After lunch we went out to do a little Christmas shopping and look what I came across...
Americans call what we call 'rockets' they call them smarties! They don't have legit smarties here!! Every time I see this I want to die.. I cant even believe it.. and now they have 'smarties candy canes'... you think they would get it right!
What else has been going on? I get out of the groove of blogging and then I don't want to miss anything when I do!
We have gotten a good start on Christmas shopping because we have to ship so much stuff and you never know how long things will take to get places and I have no faith in the postal system.
Its officially month end at work which means I am crazy busy.. and tomorrow is beginning of the month which is equally as busy! Move outs, move ins, rents due.. chasing people for rent.. running around basically for the whole time I'm at work in a day.. .its fine because I would rather be busy I just wish the running around didn't have to be outside in the cold. We aren't even getting snow its so damn cold!
Well I guess I should head to bed.. its 10:30pm and tomorrow is going to be busy! I cant wait until Sunday.. I love any day where I get to sleep in really!
Oh did I mention I fell the other night on the stairs because of the built up ice and broke my toe? Its pretty painful to wear my boots.. so all this running around sucks just a little more! Haha I LOVE WINTER!!! - NOT!
Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm! I will blog again on Sunday.. I may have nothing to tell but I'm going to do it anyways!!

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  1. Glad to see your blogging again ! OMG you broke your toe? Be careful !!!
    This time tomorrow I will be thinking of you as I am relaxing on the beech in Verodera drinking my mojita's (sp?). I look forward to reading your blog when I return !