Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hey guys... so as you all know Ive been crocheting slippers because.. well theres nothing else to do here. But I really have nothing to do with them so I thought I would sell them.. cheap just to at least get the money back for the yarn so I can make more!

So here are some pictures of ones that I have done! Ive been working on more and really it takes me no time at all to make a pair so if you had colors in mind and wanted me to make some I could definitely do so!

Thse ones are all for babies.. they take no time at all and I can do them in all different sizes.
That one is a child around the age of 3-4.. I dont think you can really tell the difference in size but its a little bigger.

These are some of the adult ones that I have done, I plan to work on more of those but Ive been doing kids ones because when I have little balls of yarn I can use them up!

So as you can tell I have a good variety! Im planning to send them home to mom after I make a few more pairs! Again let me know if anyone has any requests for colors!

Before I sign off you have to check this out.. haha... Barb sent me this for my birthday.. LOL