Friday, November 9, 2012

Back in Business

Finally I am going to fill you all in on the happenings!! I'm sorry its been so long since Ive made the effort to get on here and blog but its hard time find the time and Ive been sick and well blah blah its all excuses!

So what has been going on.. WELL.. Tom and Deanna are still assholes.. it only gets worse as the time goes on! The most recent is this one.. I flipped the calendar from October to November only to find this...

Apparently Tom and Deanna booked a vacation and neglected to tell anyone.. besides writing on the calendar that I was going to have to work my days off.. BULLSHIT! So I told her flat out that I wasn't working my days off! I'm sorry but I don't owe them anything and if they wanted me to work my days off while they were on vacation they should have given me enough notice so that I didn't already make plans. Plus I just really didn't want to work my day off, I don't even like working my regular days there on account that they are such assholes.

So the night they were leaving Deanna broke the fax machine and Tom came down after she left and made a big deal about how I obviously broke it! After going back and forth with him I was finally pissed and like "listen.. what is your malfunction? I didn't touch the damn thing.. FYI fax machines are a little before my time. Either fix it or leave me alone.. I'm sure as hell not going to lose sleep over it!" - douche bag! I swear they are so nasty about NOTHING!

I am going to work the 13th just because.. whatever.. I mean I still owe them a day from when mom and dad were here so I figure I might as well get it out of the way so I don't owe them anything. I'm sure as far as they are concerned I owe them my life and first born but they can go to hell.

They have been gone since Monday night and honestly its been great, I can handle things fine on my own and its just so much more pleasant! Besides the fact that Ive had a head cold I wouldn't change a thing!

Back tracking a little Jason's birthday was on November 4th which was a Sunday! So he woke up and opened presents.. haha he got some great stuff from Mom and Dad.. here is a picture of him deciding to use the wrapping paper as wall paper! haha.. got to love!

Its a crappy picture but you get his enthusiasm! After presents we got ready and layered and headed down to Eklutna Lake! We knew it was going to be cold, but honestly it was so beautiful! I sent those pictures that night I believe via snapfish! That afternoon we went to TGI Fridays because Jason has researched appetizer menus and decided that there were the best TV, app, beer provider! Josh met us and we hung out for awhile and then headed home to curl up on the couch and watch a movie! Overall it was a great day!

We've been getting some crappy weather, not a lot of snow until today but miserable cold! So Jason has decided now that the really cold weather is here and Halloween is over its time to get into the swing of Christmas planning! Believe it or not I have actually started my shopping already!! We've been pricing out trees and all that good stuff too, Jason really wants to have one and set it up on Thanksgiving! I'm not going to lie I wasn't really feeling it, mostly we wish we could be home for Christmas this year with everyone but I also feel like its such a waste to buy all the stuff every year and the throw it all away! Last year we did keep a few things but you know how it goes.. we move around every year and we cant take a lot with us! Anyways we went to Walmart the other night and I finally found what would absolutely put me in the Christmas spirit.. my long lost friend...

Haha I lived for these bad boys last year! I'm not the biggest fan of Oreo's, we don't ever buy them but last year we LOVED the peppermint and Candy Cane ones.. We didn't buy them yet but just knowing they are out makes me so happy! That along with Starbucks holiday drinks!!! Who doesn't love a good Eggnog Latte... in fact who doesn't love eggnog anything???

So not much else has been going on I guess.. or not that I can remember right now. Unfortunately I'm at work and this has taken me forever to write because I keep getting interrupted!!

Its definitely getting into winter though.. dark all the time and cold! It gets dark about 9am now with the time change but it starts getting dark again around 3pm.. only to get worse too! MISERY! That's why I so greatly appreciate kind little thoughtful surprises like this one I recently received in the mail...

Thank you Cathy so much for thinking of me! I absolutely love the card as you are so right I didn't get to enjoy fall NEARLY enough.. and the moose is so cute.. looks like my neighbor.. no joke! Thank you so much for your kindness it is GREATLY appreciated!!

So that's us in a nutshell, tonight the weather is suppose to be super messy!! Its been snowing on and off all day and they are calling for freezing rain. Unfortunately we didn't go grocery shopping last night because we were at the Olive Garden later then expected.. ya before I sign off I should quickly tell you about out dining out experience.

Last night we went to the Olive Garden, Jason was so excited because we absolutely love the Olive Garden!! Well we had the worst experience ever.. so much so that I wrote and complained today! The girl who seated us was like a tour guided because she took us all around the whole restaurant and in between peoples seats.. it took us like 10 minutes to get to our table and the whole time we were saying "oh excuse me, excuse me, sorry, excuse me"... wtf! Then we get the worst seat in the place.. the one right beside the kitchen! It was chaotic!

Anyways Jason ordered a margarita, it took 25 minutes to get it.. so long that he had forgotten he ordered it! Then Jason upgraded his salad to a Cesar salad and that took over a half hour and they brought him a chicken Cesar and told him he would have to pay $6.50 for it because that was the only upgrade the offered.. huh? He always does that and its a $2.00 charge!!! Then our meal took forever and mine was cold and his was burnt!! It was honestly almost unbelievable! Not to mention people kept dropping glasses and breaking them, and the manager was running around like an evil dictator making people cry.. it was ridiculous! We love the Olive Garden and I understand this one is new and there will be some hiccups but there was nothing good about our meal!

So that's us in a nutshell I suppose, I have to be better about making time to get on here because I know there is stuff I wanted to talk about and now I just forget.. maybe I will start posting millions of little blogs and not such long ones.. haha

Anyways I hope everyone is having a great week, and has a great weekend! Jason and I are both working tomorrow and then Sunday I think we plan to have a lazy day and talk to the Great White Hunter.. my brother.. who shot 3 deer in two days at hunt camp.. wonder where he get his skills from.. HAHA!

PS - I really have to go so I will spell check this but I'm not proof reading it.. you're just going to have to deal.. haha!

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