Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brisket Anyone?

Well hello all,

It was my full intention to blog on Sunday but it was my only day that I had to do everything and I just didn't get around to it. Its been awhile since I have had to work with no days off and it seems that we have so much to do and so little time. Jason has finally gone into steam blows which is great, another step closer to getting the hell out of here, but hes working more! I am working all the time too and I realized this week that we really need to get our shit together for Christmas because its around the corner and we will of course need to ship gifts! Not to mention I officially have no faith at all in the post office on account that Ive sent 2 parcels to Ontario two weeks ago today and neither of them have arrived.. I'm furious!

Anyways Jason and I knew that would be our only day and with both of us being under the weather we decided to just stay home and hang out.. everyone needs a day like that! So we got up and Jason made a wonderful breakfast and I got in the shower and decided to tackle cleaning the stove.. which seriously, no one should ever have to do. I'm hiring someone to clean that when we move because I'm not doing it.. its stupid.

So after awhile of sitting around I decided that I would head to Target, I wanted to get a few things and it was actually beautiful out on Sunday! Plus Target had a Starbucks and what is a day without Starbucks? Jason decided not to join me, as he was in football mode, totally decked out in his gear and planning on a brisket for dinner.

This is how Jason spent his day.. tea to start, with a honey spoon to sooth his sore throat.. however that didn't last long on account that Mom and Dad bought him a pretty great birthday present.

Now unfortunately dinner didn't turn out exactly like Jason had hoped! However it looked really good.. haha

See the thing is.. Jason was planning on making a beef brisket, unfortunately he bought a corned beef.. different cut of meat, different way of cooking it necessary.. either way it looked and smelled good which is half the battle.

Sunday night Bubba finally convinced Jason to download the walkie talkie app on his cell phone and this is how Jason spent his night! It warms my heart that the two of them miss each other so much but to listen to the two of them all night is a little much! haha

Last night I picked up Jason from work and we headed to Quizno's for dinner which I usually don't look forward to but it was excellent! Then we headed to Sportsman's warehouse to get Bubba's birthday gift and do a little looking around for Christmas. Mom had mentioned that Dad asked for a coffee percolator so I started taking pictures of a few I saw to see if that's what he was talking about... well Jason caught wind and had to be apart of things.. haha

How do you not love that face? I mean honestly, isn't he freaking cute!?
Before we left I managed to find Dad and Bubba's perfect Christmas tree.. Tell me they wouldn't love this!

I mean isn't it perfect for them??

So today was suppose to be my day off but unfortunately I had to work! It wasn't too bad this morning but I went to have lunch with Tammy and Imelda.. Imelda made an AMAZING Mexican lunch and driving back to work I wanted to go for a nap soooo bad!! Tonight I came home and made dinner, Jason got a ride home with Rob and came in with Bubba's long awaited birthday gift! I think he liked it...

Apparently he liked the gift.. haha as the gloves lay on the living room floor! He did however pick them up!
So back to work tomorrow, it was dead there this afternoon so I got a lot of things that I wanted to get done completed which was great. I don't expect much more for tomorrow so I plan to make some more slippers before I send them home to Mom!
I hope everyone is having a great week and staying warm! We are in for some snow tonight.. should be interesting! I just asked Jason to put my creepers on my boots!

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