Saturday, November 10, 2012


Some things in life only happen here.. such as going to walk to work and having to hang up on your Dad to run back to your apartment and get your camera to take a picture of THIS...

Ya this bad boy was standing outside the apartment this morning when I went to walk to work! I couldn't believe the size of him!! I'm not going to lie this is always my fear.. running into a moose on the way to work. Generally I know they wont hurt you if you leave them alone.. plus you can usually walk right by them and they don't even look up! Well I called Carl our maintenance guy and he came over to see him and that gave me a safe walk to work! Anyways Carl said we could get closer to him and I hesitated as I always do... well we started walking towards him and he didn't like it.. haha! He put his head down and his ears went back and naturally we turned and walked the other way!
Not at bad start to the day let me tell you! He eventually left before we did.. I heard a bunch of cars honking so I assumed he went and crossed the major street and took off who knows where! Naturally I was a nervous wreck walking home tonight in the dark but I made it safe and sound!!


  1. WOW, I am so glad you got pictures ! Amazing !!!

  2. I know isnt it! I was talking to Dad on the phone and had to hang up... the thing was huge and although I see moose all the time it isnt necessarily common to see one like that roaming around!