Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Winter has Arrived!

I know that I have already said that we have gotten snow in the mountains but we are now getting COLD weather! We have already been at freezing temps, we wake up in the morning to frost everywhere.. its absolutely ridiculous!

Jason's parents and brother are visiting so I haven't had much of a chance to get on the computer but I thought I would put something up quick with a few pictures I have sitting that way I can make room to take new ones!

It really has been cold, Saturday morning Mel and I went out to get the guys coffee and it was FREEZING!!! Look at the mountains in the morning though.. so pretty!

Sunday morning we decided to head down to Seward with everyone and make a stop off at Exit Glacier because that is something Jason and I have been wanting to do as well. It was a beautiful day for it and a beautiful drive up but let me tell you it was windy as all hell up there.. you wont see that in these pictures but wait until I send the snapfish album and you see my hair blowing all over the place. My ears were aching so bad it was that windy.. absolutely amazing though.. how often do you get that close to a glacier! Check it out!

We couldn't get as close as we wanted to because they had it all roped off because the ice was unstable but it was still amazing! These are the things that we do that I feel so grateful to be here!

It was rough being out of cell phone range to get any service to check the score of the games! poor Jason kept asking me to check service. This is the picture he had me take for Mom before we left the house!

On the way back from Exit Glacier we decided to go to Seward for lunch, honestly it was like a ghost town already there. Most of the cruise lines are shutting down and a lot of the restaurants appeared to be closed for the season, but there was a cruise shipped docked and surprisingly still no people!

This is the fishing boat Dad, Uncle Stick, Jason & Josh took halibut fishing!!

Holland America Cruise Line I believe it was called!
So what else is going on.... Well poor Mr. Myles is suffering from a bilateral ear infection and an upper respiratory infection! That poor guy! He has been stuffy for quite some time but with teething and no fever Mel thought it could all be attributed to that. Finally after being stuffy for almost 3 weeks she took him to the doctors and that's what he said. Hes on antibiotics for now, and hopefully will be feeling much better soon. As you can tell yesterday at lunch he was just not himself...
Anyways football season is working out well for me so far, they do a pool at Jason's work every week for all the games and Jason let me in on it and I won!! HAHA! I won $75 playing against all these guys.. haha I love it! I'm not at all upset about the $75 but with a bunch of guys its nice to have the bragging rights too! However I did not win the family pool, haha Mom won that one! That guys obviously all did spectacular this week! Dad says he wants half because he taught me everything I know. He's not wrong but I'm not sharing.. haha maybe with next weeks earnings!
So before I sign off I wanted to make mention of some pretty spectacular news I heard yesterday! I have heard through the grapevine that Uncle Stick and Aunt Bren have quit smoking!!!!!! AMAZING!! Jason and I are so proud of you guys!! How do you think we go about getting everyone else on your band wagon?? We we are so happy for you guys, you are adding years to your life and we really want you around! We love you tons!!
Alright I'm signing off.. haven't had a call at work in hours, going to make some more slippers.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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