Friday, September 28, 2012

Winter has arrived.. and Im not happy about it!

Well winter has arrived, its officially the coldest it has been here and its not looking to get any warmer.. ever. The mountains are officially covered in snow, Walmart has moved out all of the Halloween stuff and have Christmas trees out.. Apparently people here don't believe in fall. However fall seems to be officially over, most of the trees lost all their leaves already!!

Unfortunately Jason was home sick this week, Tuesday night he went to bed feeling off, he got up at 2am and was super sick! Believe it or not he stayed home from work on Wednesday which if you know Jason at all you know is out of character. He wasn't keeping anything down, was running a fever and was ghostly. Before work I went and got him the basics, ginger ale, Gatorade, saltine crackers, etc. At lunch I went and got him some pedialite and pepcid AC, Pepto tablets.. anything I could think of. I told Dana what was going on and she gave me a script for anti nausea pills because he had started throwing up spotty blood (puked so much he tore something in his stomach). I took him everything at lunch and was worried about his color. I made him some soup but I knew he wasn't going to touch it.

I talked to Tom about what was going on and ended up leaving work early, I knew it was probably just the flu but Jason never ever gets sick like that and with a high fever and his lack of color, puking up blood I just wanted to be around. When I went home he was sleeping so I ducked out and went and got some groceries, more soup and stuff.

Thursday he still wasn't better and stayed home again from work, he was still running a fever and had no color... probably on account that he hadn't eaten anything at all. He was keeping down the pedialite but that was about it. So I pretty much told him if he didn't get some soup down he had to go to the doctors. I went home last night and made him some soup and crackers and he nibbled on and off for awhile and seemed to have better color. He went to bed early last night and it seemed his fever had broke which was good. Today he went to work but still wasn't feeling his best, I took him some ginger ale at lunch and we are planning on a light dinner.

This weekend we are planning a trip to Denali National Park. The park road is opened again for the 30 mile drive in and I think its going to be a beautiful time of year to go! I wasn't sure it would be possible with Jason having had time off this week being sick but I think we might still swing it! I guess everyone was sick at work this week, off two or three days so hes not really being penalized!

Anyways cant wait to share my pictures! I must run for now I have a move out to take care of at 5:30pm and then I am going home. Its been so cold and miserable here today I cant wait to get home and get comfy for the night!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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