Thursday, September 6, 2012


That's right, FIRST REGULAR SEASON GAME TONIGHT! Dallas vs NYG.. obviously Jason HATES NYG but you know they've got this!! (as you can tell I haven't seen the end of the game either, we recorded the 4th quarter and are watching it now).

Well things are looking up since I last blogged, its been a really crappy week plus of rain and cold everyday! Yesterday was the calm before the storm.. kind of! Mel and I decided instead of driving out to Eagle River or something we would stay in town because they were calling for super high winds! So we walked down to site to get the truck from Jason, check out Myles.. friggin' cute or what? Got to love his fall wear!

As you can tell it was a little chilly, you cant see it but I too was sporting my winter hat! We headed to the bears tooth for lunch which was AMAZING! I had a turkey club that was full of sprouts, avocado, jalapenos and basil aioli.. I mean seriously too good for words! Mel's garlic cilantro fries were nothing to complain about either! Seriously in the short time it took us to have lunch the wind had already picked up, so because Myles fell asleep we just drove around town for awhile and then headed back to the apartment! On the way back to the apartment we decided that I would run all my stuff to the Salvation Army to get it out of the truck and Mel would play with Myles for a bit and than we would swap out and I would play with Myles at the apartment while Mel went to the grocery store. I was feeling pretty special on account that Myles has never stayed with anyone but his Grammy or his Mama his whole entire life.. now I can be added to the list!
Well I took all of Cheryl's stuff to donate and although I was sad to part with it I did take the time to go through it one more time and pull out a few more things to send to her. Anyways it was raining by this time pretty bad so I was in the very back of the truck pulling boxes to the tailgate while another guy emptied the back seat! I felt good after I left but still sad the get rid of her stuff. I got back to the apartment and Myles and I played while Mel headed to the grocery store. Check out Myles.. he had clearly had a long day!!

I mean seriously how do you not love that face? You should see him walk!
So while Mel was gone I emailed Jason and said that I had dropped off all the stuff and he wrote back asking did I make sure that they didn't take his CD case with all the Cd's in it.. FUCK! As soon as Mel got back I ran down to the truck.. NO CD CASE! FUCK! So I get in the truck and go straight back to the Salvation Army and I see the guys who helped me.. no one remembers it! I searched through a TON of boxes with this kid, cant find it. I walk through the warehouse with all the tables, cant find it. I leave.. defeated. I get in the truck and call Jason and sob.. I felt so terrible, I don't know how I could have done that, I was trying to do a good thing and fucked it up.. I just cried. Jason was good about it, obviously not impressed but good about it. He probably somewhat thought that I did it intentionally because I always say that we never ever use any of those Cd's, we have all our music on our ipods and we never ever switch out Cd's and its not like we have room for it.. go figure now its gone.
Well Jason comes home from work.. low and behind the bugger put it in the storage closet the night before anticipating that something like that might happen! He didn't actually remember that he had done that, and thankfully they were there but after digging through a bunch of boxes, running around in the rain and being so upset, I wasn't impressed.
By the time Jason got home the weather had really gotten bad, the winds were unbelievable.. check out some of the articles...
Seriously the winds got up to 131mph.. trees were uprooted everywhere, power was out to most of Anchorage all night and all day, everyone was without Internet.. cars damaged, homes damaged.. absolutely crazy! This is what I saw on my walk to work this morning.

This wasn't even close to all the damage, when going to the grocery store and stuff tonight everywhere is a mess. The river is the highest its ever been.. they get the weirdest weather here!

However while being out tonight the clouds finally lifted and we actually saw a bit of the sun for the first time in.. well.. honestly I cant remember how long.. check out what was in the mountains.

That's right.. SNOW! There was snow the other night.. you could see it snowing but the mountains are now officially quite covered. They are calling for an early winter here.. probably just as bad as last year too.. can you believe that? Honestly I feel like if I didn't have bad luck I would have no luck!
On a good note though I did see a moose today! I was sitting at my desk and the friggin' thing was running like a bat out of hell down the road! Just a little thing, but soak and wet and on the move! Of course I jumped out of my seat and ran out to get a good look, Carl made fun of me.. haha apparently I'm still a little bit of a tourist! I just honestly don't ever see it getting old.
So that's really it, work was dead today.. what else is new. Deanna brought up about Cheryl moving and I said that Jason and I helped her and she didn't seem to care said as long as she was gone.. nice right! Shes a bitch, it is what it is.
Alright I'm going to go to bed, I have some stuff to hang up in the washer and then I'm heading to bed. I haven't slept in days.. random crappy broken sleep of a few hours a night just isn't cutting it for me. As the days go on and I don't get any sleep I get more cranky! I'm on a mission to get some good coffee! HAHA.. Jason just came out of the bedroom and put a sleeping pill on the table for me, apparently he thinks I'm not all that pleasant either!
I hope everyone is having a good week! Sorry I have been slack with the pictures, maybe I will take my camera to work over the next couple of days and hope to see the moose again! 

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