Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall has officially arrived!

Well hello all,

I don't have a lot to tell but I thought I would stop in and post some pictures from last nights moose encounter! We've had super crappy weather the last couple of days and so with Jason's parents leaving today and having not seen any wild life we thought we would get some frozen yogurt and go for a drive! We really didn't go far, like I said with the rain and cold we didn't figure that there would be much out! We saw two moose though, they were just hanging out on the side of the road.. check it out..

We saw two of them, the first one and then you can kind of see the Mama behind the fence in the last pictures. It was so crappy out and starting to get dark that I couldn't seem to get a good pictures on my phone. Note the leaves though.. Fall is officially in the air!
As we were driving around we also came across a motor cross track that we didn't know existed.. Jason was pretty excited about it! We did know it was there, it would be cool to go and watch them in action. Here is the track, or some of it.. looks out over the ocean!

So that's our scoop, we dropped Jason's parents off at the airport and came back and got things in order for the start of a new weeks. Jason was talking down the air mattress.. lol it was such hard work!

Jason and Bubba just got off the phone so we're going to order a pizza and probably go to bed early! Having one day off and than having to go back to work just sucks.. I miss two day weekends! I guess I shouldn't complain though, at least I get two days off a week, more than I can say for Jason!
Hope everyone had a great weekend, a dryer one than we had too!!

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