Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Asshole vs. Enabler...

Isn't this the age old question.. who is the bigger bitch? Assholes who treat other people badly or their enablers who let them be that nasty miserable human being by not standing up for themselves or those who are negatively affected by the nasty behavior? I just can't decide.

I'm not going to lie lately I am having a really hard time with people and their inconsiderate bullshit ways! I'm not saying I'm perfect, nor am I expecting anyone else to be.. obviously! although it seems that lately people just seem to be worse and worse!

In the last 6 months.. well.. wait, I think that's being a little generous.. in the last 6 weeks have you made plans with someone and had to change them for reasons beyond your control and they were an asshole about it? Has someone called you to get together and you didn't have time or didn't really feel like it and they didn't return your call or email after you let them know? Has someone been completely shitty to you for absolutely no reason and you find yourself thinking back wondering what you might have done to deserve being treated that way? Well let me save you some time, YOU DID NOTHING! People are just shitty!!!

No one seems to care about how their actions affect other people!! No one extends respect like they should, hell forget respect no one seems to extend common decency anymore! Think about it, when was the last time you held a door for someone and they said "thank you", or when you sneezed they said "bless you"... you know, your regular common courtesy!

Do I get mad and lose patience.. HELL YES! Do I take out my lack of patience out on other people... ABSOLUTELY NOT! Not only do I not do those things but I sure as hell don't allow people to do that to people I care about!! I deal with peoples bullshit all the time but when they treat someone I love like that I seem to be a lot less tolerant, funny how that works.

Lately I just find myself asking why I'm so tolerant or peoples bullshit, I want to throw my cell phone in the ocean and escape the ignorance that seems to surround me! Things that I usually love and enjoy I don't want to do on account that I feel like there is always someone around to ruin it.. if not in the moment then later.

I use to think that when you became an adult you didn't have to deal with bullshit anymore, you didn't have to do things that you didn't want to, you didn't have to deal with people you didn't want to.. funny how it seems to be the total opposite. So when do you say enough is enough.. are we back to the conversation about social etiquette again? I'm getting to the point with people that I could care less about social etiquette, I'm sick of feeling like I'm wearing a sign that says "Door mat, feel free to wipe your shoes"..

TREAT PEOPLE HOW YOU WANTED TO BE TREATED!!!!!! Words to live by, apparently not everyone was taught that as a child, and therefore they didn't teach their child and now its a vicious circle of generations of assholes. So I think now is the time to break the cycle!!

If you're an asshole, I'm going to tell you.. if you act like an asshole because you don't get your own way, I'm going to tell you, if you're rude because you don't know any better.. I'M GOING TO TELL YOU.. because guess what.. if no one ever tells you.. then.... YOU NEVER FUCKING LEARN!

I'm no longer going to be a door mat and neither should any of you, maybe without even realizing it by not calling someone on their bad behavior your are allowing them to get away with it, showing them with your lack of actions that their actions are totally acceptable.

I'm sorry to rant, I feel like Ive done a good bit of that lately but sometimes you need an outlet and this is mine. I really feel like asking for a little respect isn't too much, expecting someone who is suppose to love you actually care about your feelings! So if no one else is going to care about my feelings or how other peoples actions affect me than I have to make myself a priority.

Really I think that's what Ive been getting at with my last few blogs.. MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY!

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