Monday, July 2, 2012



I haven't blogged in a long time, I'm sorry about that! You know how things are here with work and what not, and honestly I'm sorry but sometimes we really just aren't that interesting. I should be more proactive and find interesting things to blog about even if it has nothing to do with Jason and I.. just so you know I'm alive!

Mel is here.. SO GREAT! Mel is Jason Goodwin's wife, she arrived on Wednesday with their BEAUTIFUL son Myles! I'm so happy to have them here! The last time we saw Mel she was a week away from having Myles and now Myles is 10 months old THIS WEEK and Mel looks absolutely incredible! She is BELOW her pre-pregnancy weight and looks amazing! I'm taking mental notes about her eating habits, drinking habits, life in general so I can be her size! haha!

Although today was really the first day we got to go out and do something it was GREAT! I miss having someone to do stuff with, someone to chat with face to face with that I know!! Not to mention having Myles around is amazing, I love him already! We had such a great day today, we went downtown to the outside market and toured around, went to the Ulu factory, had lunch and then tea back at the apartment.. it was GREAT! We are definitely at the point in the job where Jason is going to work all the time and I couldnt be happier to have to Mel here!

Really honestly there is absolutely nothing else going on at all! Im am off work Tuesday because thats my regular day off and then I have Wednesday off as well because its the 4th of July! The guys are all working the 4th so Mel and I will probably do something, weather pending on outdoor activities!

I absolutely can't wait for the week to be over, everyone will be here on Saturday and I couldn't be more excited to see them!! I think this week is going to feel so long even thought I have the days off, isnt that always the way when you're waiting for something!

Anyways Im honestly rambling, I have nothing more to tell you! I promise to find something interesting to talk about and blog more, because once everyone is here who knows when I will have time!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Canada Day, and a GREAT long weekend!!

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