Friday, July 27, 2012

Are we there yet????????

What a long fucking day! What a long fucking week in fact! I don't know what is going on, this should be our busy time and it sure as hell has been and its putting me in a horrific mood!! I swear its always dead in here when we have nice weather and I'm stuck looking at it instead of enjoying it!!

Tom & Deanna were barely around yesterday and then Deanna stopped by quickly in the afternoon to let me know they had an unsuspected funeral at 2pm.. who gets notice of a funeral an hour before its happening?? and then they were leaving to go fishing and wouldn't be back until late Sunday night so I would have to be on call.. BULLSHIT! I didn't sign up to be on call all the time. So I said that I was leaving early on Saturday and wanted to double check what constituted early to them and she said whenever I wanted! So because both Jason's are getting Sunday off work Mel and I are going to head up to Portage and hike the Trail of Blue Ice with Myles for a couple of hours and then who knows!! The guys will be working a 12 hour day tomorrow, and then Sunday we will all get together and head to Arctic Thunder!

 I'm not going to lie Ive been having a really hard time with my weight.. I know what you're all thinking but honestly it bothers me.. therefore its valid! I feel so awful about myself all the time, getting dressed everyday is a horrible experience. So Jason and I have been going to the gym faithfully for an hour and a half, we have been eating SUPER healthy.. but I'm seeing no difference! I'm going to have to get with Mel and get some more work out plans that I can do in the morning before I go to work.. haha although I'm not a morning person AT ALL and finding the energy to do that should interesting!

Anyone have any tips on things they do when they are feeling crumby about their weight? I'm thinking about finding a yoga studio in the area that would accommodate my hours at work!

So that's really all that's going on here, thought I would blog while I had some time.

Jason went fishing again last night in the creek because Kris's wife said that the reds were running but he didn't see any or catch anything so I don't know. He has been trout fishing down there for a couple weeks on and off but he hasnt brought anything home, I dont know if he can even keep them from down there if he catches them. Maybe tonight would be a good night for a walk!

Hoep everyone has a great weekend! I definitely plan too!

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