Saturday, July 7, 2012

Visitors??? YES!

Well hello all, my apologies for not blogging more but to be honest things have been busy and I haven't been in the best of spirits. I know what you're thinking, my family is coming how could I not be over the moon.. well I am.. about that! The weather here has been fucking terrible, I mean absolutely terrible! Cold and miserable.. constantly! Mel and I went to the Botanical Gardens with Myles the other day and almost got carried away by the mosquito's!

The 4th of July wasn't anything exciting here, there isn't much to do and its light all the time so there is no point in going to see fireworks because you cant see them anyways! Jason had a BBQ at work and then came home and didn't feel like doing anything and by that point I was at my breaking point with my surroundings and just sobbed and begged him for us to leave. haha! I'm such a bawl ass! I'm over it now.. everyone is coming and I'm going to have some time off work and I'm sure it will all make me feel a lot better. But let me tell you this fucking place is not for living, its for visiting and then going home to a real place with real weather!! I kid you not people died today of hypothermia today like 10 minutes from where we live!!! What does that tell you?!?!

On another good note though I got my new purse this week.. Honestly its the most gorgeous thing Ive ever seen in my life.. its my own little piece of miraculous sunshine to carry on my arm!! It was purchased right off the Kate Spade website.. utter beauty! Check it out!!

Even the wrapping was GORGEOUS! I couldn't have been happier with this purse, Jason thinks I'm crazy but admitted that seeing a smile like that on my face was totally worth it!!!

Jason's been working a ton, going to have some time off with everyone though. Dad, Uncle Stick, Josh and Jason are heading down to Seward on Tuesday for a day of halibut fishing, Jason is so excited! He waited for dad to get here to go with him! He already bought a foam cooler and bags for bringing the fish home! I'm really excited to have some super fresh halibut too!

We have so much planned to do with everyone, were both super excited! Tonight we got home from getting wrapping paper for dad's fathers day gift.. I know what you're all thinking, ummm late? Well its a long story but in the end we had decided to get dad a gift card to the sportsman store here and then last night Jason decided he didn't like that idea.. so him and dad got matching sweaters.. we got home tonight and Jason INSISTED on wrapping it himself.. bow and all!! haha we cant wait to give it to dad tomorrow, especially when Jason will be wearing his!

So that's about it, Cant wait for everyone to get here.. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a really long day because they don't get here until after 4pm. Jason is picking them up at the airport and then taking them to the rental house and then picking me up at work and we'll head over!

I promise to keep everyone updated about the visit and post picture of whats going on!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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  1. Your going to have a wonderful few weeks!!! Can't wait to see pics of the matching sweaters!

    On another note......the purse......we need to talk girl !