Thursday, July 26, 2012


Two blogs in one day.. brownie points! No?

I mentioned the air show in my previous blog and then this afternoon at work I heard someone outside telling everyone to look up and I went out and they were practicing!!! It was great! So then tonight Jason and I went out for Jason to get his haircut and then to Target, on the way out they were practicing again!


Naturally Jason was sooooo excited about this! So now its a for sure, we are absolutely going to the air show on the weekend, somehow! Jason is so busy, I got home at 6pm and he wasn't home so I started dinner.. we were suppose to have turkey burgers on the grill but I don't know how to work charcoal, so at 6:30pm and not having heard from Jason I figured I might as well start them via other means because for all I knew Jason was going to be working until 10pm. The turkey burgers turned out AWESOME, Jason was home by 7pm and we still got a lot accomplished! Good night in my books!

When we got home from Target Jason decided to go fishing for a half hour, so I am watching some of my taped shows on the DVR and perusing ebay.. love ebay!

Hope everyone had a great night!


  1. Looks like the air show will be good !!!

    I had a great night with your mom and dad, Bubba and Jen!
    I heard lost of amazing adventures about their visit!
    Alaska is definitely on my bucket list now !!!

  2. Oh ya Alaska is definitely somewhere to visit.. I dont think its necessarily somewhere to live but somewhere to visit yes! The airshow is going to be great this weekend, its called Arctic Thunder! They are actually opening up the air force base for it! I think Mel and I are going to go with Myles tomorrow for a couple of hours and then we are all going to go together when the guys are off on Sunday! Super excited!