Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Recap ~ Mini Golf & Chesapeake Beach

Good Morning,

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, we sure did and I thought I would stop by today and tell you about it!

Last week absolutely flew by, I couldn't believe when Friday rolled around that the week was over already! That generally never happens when we come back from being at home even if it was just for a weekend, I always feel like the week will drag on but last week was quite the opposite!

Friday is Jason's day to get off work early and although his hours were changed while we were away he still gets off work 2 hours earlier then he does throughout the rest of the week. I spent most of the day with Lindsey and the girls at the park, it was finally a beautiful day with no humidity and it felt so great to be out and actually have it be enjoyable rather than sweltering and miserable.

Friday afternoon Jason got home and we just hung out for awhile and decided to watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy while we had dinner before heading out to meet everyone for mini golf! (Side note: We are obsessed with SOA right now and only have a few episodes in the series left, I plan to blog about it when we are finished the series which will hopefully be this week!) Just before I started to get ready the buildings fire alarm started going off, I was soooo annoyed!!! Everyone was piling out of the building outside and I continued getting ready.. I know that's bad but I swear every apartment we live in this constantly happens and there has never been a fire! We finished getting ready and just left even though we were early because the noise in the apartment was too much to handle! We decided to go to the new site Jason is on and check it out, its so different from what I am use to seeing as we never arrive on a project this early! I should have taken pictures!

We met Dave, Lindsey, the girls as well as another of Jason's coworkers and his wife and daughter at the mini golf place. It was a gorgeous night and we had a really great time, I figured with the girls being so small that it wouldn't be a lot of fun for them just a lot of sitting and waiting for us to play, truth be told I didn't even expect them to have clubs the right size for the girls, but they did and they played and had a great time, we all did!

Saturday morning we were up early and packing bags to head to the beach! With the weather being so hot there is really only one way to enjoy it and we are so close to the beach that we figured why not take advantage! We met Dave, Lindsey and the girls and got on the road! We decided to go to Chesapeake Beach because none of us had ever been there and it was pretty close, 45 minutes. 

We were a little shocked when we arrived at North Beach (in the town of Chesapeake Beach) that they wanted $15 an adult to get on the beach and $8 a child! Highway robbery if you ask me, but we were there and all unpacked so we paid.. although I doubt we would do it again! The beach was nice, they had areas that were enclosed in the water to prevent crabs and what not from getting in where everyone was swimming.. I kid you not! There was an area that you could swim where it was deeper and although Jason ventured in there were jelly fish over there and two kids got stung. That's the crappy part about being further south and going to the beach.. you have to worry about those kinds of things but lets be honest its way to cold to both going to the beach in the north anyways. 

Crappy iPhone pictures I know.. but the girls had a great time swimming! The water wasn't super deep so it was perfect for them! 

Sadly the beach was overrun with ducks.. good lord! I've never seen ducks like this on the beach running around like seagulls trying to steal peoples food! You all know how I feel about birds of any sort. 

After a couple of hours at the beach we decided to get something for lunch, we did some looking and came across Neptunes which seemed to have a little bit of everything which worked well for a diverse crowd. The girls had swam and played their little hearts out, they needed a lift to lunch as their little legs were a quite tired. 

Jason held onto Ava for dear life, haha he was so scared she was going to fling herself off his shoulders. 

After lunch we sauntered back to the cars but not before stopping for an ice cream cone.. when at the beach!!! We really had such a great day! We got home at a decent time so Jason said he wasn't finished with the water and wanted to go for a swim at the community pool.. sadly it was closed as they had an incident and had to drain it and refill it so that didn't happen.. oh well.. home to watch SOA! 

Sunday was pretty laid back, truth be told both Jason and I got sun burnt on Saturday. I'm not sure what happened, we both put on sun block but my back is really bad.. even today!! We did a bunch of running around in the morning yesterday, got a bunch of errands done and then decided to try out the pool again! 

I couldn't believe on such a gorgeous day that there was literally no one there at all. Jason swan for quite awhile and then we headed back to the apartment for dinner. After dinner we managed to get in an episode of SOA or two and I snacked on my new favorite thing ever...

I never snack after dinner but this stuff is ADDICTING! I absolutely love dill pickle chips but they are a Canadian thing so you cant get them here.. this is the first time I have seen this stuff too and its soo good! 

Today is pretty boring.. cleaning, laundry.. all that fun stuff. I'm off now to vacuum which if you ask me is the worst household chore EVER! 

I hope you all had a great weekend, I cant believe summer is almost over.. where did it even go? I see people posting pictures of first days of school and I seriously cant believe it! In a way it feels like we haven't been in Jersey in a million years and in another way it feels like just yesterday! 

Hope you're having a great day and making the most of whats left of summer!

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