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Atlantic City, NJ June 2015

Good Morning,

As you may know this past Saturday Jason and I decided to take advantage of his time off and spend the day in Atlantic City! We have been talking about going there forever and honestly I have to say it wasn't on the top of my list of places to see. I don't care to gamble and Jason cant enjoy the beach because he needs to be moving at all times and I had heard the recession really affected this area so I don't know... ya seen one beach boardwalk ya seen em' all! Right? That may sound rotten and its not my intent basically I just didn't have this high on my list of places to go! None the less though I was interested and Jason was really wanting to go so Saturday was the day!

We got up Saturday morning, Atlantic City is actually pretty close to us so we didn't get up super early and rush out, we just enjoyed the morning which is great because there aren't many days Jason actually gets off. We enjoyed breakfast and got our stuff together and hit the road around 10am I believe. Traffic was actually a lot better than I had expected being a hot day, I had expected that everyone would be heading out of the city and to the beaches!

Before leaving I had mentioned to Jason that maybe I would find the flip flops I am looking for there and he said he didn't actually think there was a lot of shops there. What he neglected to tell me was that there were actually Tanger Outlets there! Driving into Atlantic City there are billboards EVERYWHERE announcing upcoming shows and events, and then once you come into the city there are the outlets.. super exciting! We found parking for $10.00 for the day which was amazing and then headed out to the boardwalk. It was SUPER hot out, we made sure to use sunblock before leaving the truck but it was sooooooooo hot! I'm not generally one to complain about the heat but when you are just walking around sweating its disgusting!

We toured around the boardwalk for awhile and then decided to check out the outlets for my flipflops and Jason wanted some new swim shorts! We didn't go into many stores, just the few that might have what we were looking for and the air conditioning was a welcomed break from the humidity. We toured around and then made it back to the boardwalk for a snack and a drink! After we finished we decided to walk down the boardwalk and then make our way back on the beach!! I love the beach and was pretty excited to get my toes in the sand.. the water I was a little iffy about because I had checked and they said that the water temp in Atlantic City was 43 degrees! I wasn't doubting that but when I saw TONS of people in the water I figured it couldn't actually be that cold.. it was! The water was sooooooooo cold! Naturally the longer you stay in the better it gets, but I was only putting my feet in that's for sure!

I could have sat on the beach forever and enjoyed the water, and I would definitely consider going back just to rent beach chairs and an umbrella and spend the day there. Once we finished at the beach we made out way out to Caesars Casino to try out handle at gambling. I won't lie its just not my thing, the money is just gone (unless you're a lucky one to win) and you wont believe it... you can smoke in the casino! I almost died!! Regardless of whether there are designated smoking areas its a big open space the smoke just wont stay in the smoking area... this was a huge turn off to both Jason and I. 

We left the casino and toured around the boardwalk some more and then decided to grab some dinner. We decided to try out LandShark Bar & Grill because we wanted something where we could overlook the beach, the view was definitely the best part of this place as we could see all of the pier with the carnival rides as well as the beach. They had a great band but I thought the food was pretty crappy.. none the less it was enjoyable! 

After dinner we wanted to try on one more casino (or Jason did) before walking around and heading back. We decided to go into Trump Taj Mahal and again you could smoke in there which I just cannot get over but we played for awhile and I managed to win back all the money we had spent along with $7.00 extra, ha! I was pretty happy with that. When we were finished, meaning we had won and wanted to get out while we were ahead we headed out to just walk about and take some pictures and just enjoy the boardwalk a little more before heading back. Jason really wanted to see it all lit up at night but he also had to work on Sunday so we couldn't stay too late. I'll put in some pictures now that I took while we were just wondering around. 

We decided to head back, it truly was a day well spent! I enjoy any day that Jason and I get the whole day together to explore something new but Atlantic City was pretty much what I had expected. The beach is great, the boardwalk is like any other except a lot of this one is closed.. movie theaters, casinos/hotels, shops and so on.. I hear they are trying to get a lot of that up and running but so far that hasn't happened. 

The ride home was great, the sunset was absolutely amazing! I wish I could have gotten better pictures of it but naturally its always hard from the truck on the interstate! We made it back late and were both super tired which naturally means it was a good day! I don't know if I would recommend Atlantic City or not.. if you are looking to go to the beach and do the carnival thing and have some little shops and places to eat at hand I think you would really enjoy it. The gambling thing.. well being able to smoke in there really turned me off. I guess my advice is do some reading about it before you go and see if there are things there that you would be interested in! 

Like I said any day that Jason and I get the whole day is a great day no matter where we spend it! Have you ever been to Atlantic City? What did you think??

Thanks for stopping in, I hope you're having a great day!!

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