Friday, June 5, 2015

High Five for Friday 6.5.15

Good Morning & Happy Friday!

I'm trying really hard to be better about these posts! Sometimes it just seems silly to post about nothing because there has been nothing going on.. and honestly sometimes that happens! This week was the most miserable cold and rainy weather which I realized very quickly I didn't exactly pack for. I don't exactly know what I was doing while packing to come back here because I really didn't bring half of what I should have. I suppose I just wasn't into it because I had just unpacked the day before, therefore this week I have been wandering around looking like a drown rat in Jason's sweatshirts! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Anyways lets chat about some exciting things this week shall we?

1. Day in Philadelphia

A post will be coming about this next week, I did manage to write about part of our day HERE where we visited the Eastern State Penitentiary. We had a really amazing day, Philly is a lot closer to us then I had realized and we had absolutely beautiful weather to tour around this great city! Have you ever been to Philly? What did you think?

2. Thunderstorms!

Although having basically a week of rainy weather isn't always the best thing we had some amazing thunderstorms and I absolutely LOVE that! Sunday I would say was the absolute best, I sat in the window and took in the most amazing lightening for such a long time! Sadly all the rain resulted in quite a bit of flooding but hey, ya gotta take the good with the bad! Sadly lightening is basically impossible to get a picture of but you know what I'm talking about, there is nothing better than a really good thunderstorm.

3. June (but actually May's) Birchbox

If you missed Tuesday's post you can click HERE to read it. I was lucky enough to find a coupon code given by Tati, the Glamlifeguru and get my June Birchbox for $1!! Needless to say I was pretty excited not only because of the cost but because I missed out on my May Birchbox because of moving and I was truly sad not to have it to look forward to. June's Birchbox was a collaboration with Cupcakes & Cashmere and I was super happy with everything I received and I am really looking forward to giving it all a try! - OK SIDE NOTE - Since originally writing this post I called Birchbox to inquire why they charged me $10.00 when the receipt I had said $1.00, long story short when I ordered the box they sent me the May box (which is what I got) and then they automatically signed me up for the June box and packaged it up because it was the end of the month and they were getting ready to send them out. So I had to cancel my subscription but the box I just received was from May and I will still be receiving a June box. Not what I had in mind but I'm not complaining!

4. Big Lots!

Have any of you guys ever been to a Big Lots store? We have one pretty close to our house and we have been a time or two but I cant say that we make it a regular thing at all, and truth be told I don't know why. We went to one when we first came to New Jersey but now that we are right around the corner from it we decided to make a trip over there last week and check things out. Long story short the place is a gold mine for makeup that is DISCOUNTED big time!!! Its not crap makeup either, most of what I have picked up has either been Covergirl or L'Oreal, and I have even gotten some skin care stuff that is Olay Fresh Effects. Now I didn't know why everything was so cheap until this week when I heard a beauty vlogger saying most of it is stuff that has been discontinued! Honestly, I don't care.. they have L'Oreal true match stuff for $2 & $3!!! I bought a bunch of Olay Fresh Effects moisturizer for $3 when in stores its $7+. Jason is so thankful right about now that he takes the truck to work everyday!! If you have a Big Lots around you I would say check it out, they have a ton of stuff worth checking out!!

5. A New Coffee Mug

This sounds silly and honestly maybe it is a little pathetic that its a highlight in my week but if you know me at all in person you will understand why this is a big deal. I cant work with little teacups for my morning coffee... its just not how I roll! I can never get my coffee to taste right in the little cups, I always use big cups and so these last two weeks every morning my coffee just tastes off and its been really irking me! Plus I make a green tea in the afternoon and its pathetic.. I could drink it in one swig! I cant deal. So while out at Big Lots actually I picked up a BIG mug for $2.00 and I'm literally over the moon about it.. obviously it doesn't take much to please me! Seriously though my morning coffee has been on point ever since, a tea lasts me more than 3 minutes and all is write in my hot beverage world!

I hope you all had a great week, we don't have much planned for the weekend. I am assuming Jason may actually have to work the whole weekend but I am not sure at this point. I know were not fleeing the State or anything. I hope you have a great weekend, hopefully the weather will be looking up here after the week that we had!!

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