Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Ramblings....

Happy Wednesday All,

I'm not going to lie I am feeling about the same today as I did yesterday. I was so exhausted last night and could just not wait to get in bed sure that with as awful and exhausted I felt I would absolutely fall asleep in no time. Well that did not happen, my fever was causing me to not stand to be under the covers and I was so exhausted but couldn't sleep I was feeling dizzy and just out of it. I don't know what kind of hellish cold all those little monsters on the plane had but let me tell you did they send it my way in full force.

This afternoon I managed to upload all the pictures I took on my camera and go through them, upload them to Snapfish and send them out to the normal recipients. I do plan to share some of them on here as well as I get in to my Peru recap and all of that good stuff.

Things have been pretty hectic here since I have been home, getting things back in order, dealing with the mountain of mail that was awaiting my return. We have been fighting with out builder (BIG SURPRISE) since long before closing to do something about the drainage issues we suspected would arise because of the grading in the backyard. Naturally after we took possession of the house we were proven right and every time it rained we had our own little pond for a couple of days. Dealing with warranty proved to be just as much of a joke as dealing with the builders themselves... we have been fighting with them for months and now the week we have a deck starting they decide they will finally take care of it.

The arrived yesterday, a day early.. but no complaints and spent much more time digging then I believe they expected due to the most outrageous amount of massive rocks that seem to reside under the surface of the grass. They are back now deal with hopefully whatever is left to be done as we are hoping for them to start the deck on Friday at some point. Speaking of the deck, it was our intention to have that done at the end of the summer, early fall but Jason and I got talking while we were in Peru and decided that maybe now would be the best time to do it. While we were away Jason submitted the paperwork, deck design and what not to the HOA for approval and we quickly received notification with a go ahead. Everything is in order but Jason was notified by the builder that we chose on Monday that there is the potential that the city will not approve our plan due to something with drainage? It would be an absolute nightmare if that was the case as we have been looking so forward to this and things haven't exactly gone smoothly with this house and Jason has said if we cannot build the deck we will be selling the house.. eek! I'm sure he's just saying that..?

I am also awaiting the arrival of the technician who will be taking a look at our alarm system today. You may recall while we were in Charleston, South Carolina we received a call that our house alarm was going off, turns out there was an issue with the motion detector, none the less they sent someone out to check it out. After that we reset the system and were assured everything would be fine. HA! So we were in Peru where wifi is hit or miss even in the apartment and the alarm went off.. so they contact my parents or Jason's Dad.. who both tried to get a hold of me but by the time I could get access to call (its not that easy from the other side of the world) they had already sent someone out. Because the issue was with the motion detector we knew that it has to be a false alarm, no one was in the house and if someone had tried to get in it would have triggered another alarm first. When I called I asked them to disregard any alarms from the motion detector until further notice and I made an appointment for a technician to come out when I arrived home.

Guess what.. I got another call. I was sooooo furious! I know it was a false alarm, I know every time I see it was the motion detector but being so far away and not being able to see it for yourself is not a good feeling. I called the alarm company once again and freaked out! I told them that I had insisted it be put on disregard and that I was in SOUTH AMERICA and couldn't exactly get to a phone! I also told them that we got this alarm because we travel a lot and were looking for piece of mind and this had done the exact opposite! I was furious.

So when I arrived home I was greeted with a bill from the City of Raleigh notifying us that because of the false alarms we would be responsible for a $50.00 charge. Color me a happy camper. I called the city and was told basically that I needed to get record of my conversation with the alarm company to prove it was their error or I needed the technicians work order stating the equipment was faulty. I called the alarm company and they outright admitted it was their error and gave us a month of free service, which is great and all but it doesn't compensate for the bill entirely or the hassle of having to deal with all this crap.

Tomorrow I have someone coming out to assess and potentially replace door frames we are having issues with and Friday they are suppose to start the deck! Fun times right? Yesterday although I was feeling the worst ever I really had to get out and get some cough medicine and a few groceries. I could have ran around the corner to the grocery store but I figured if I had to get ready and go out then I was definitely hitting up my favorite place.. Target!

Oh the joy! First of all it was just so clean and quiet and peaceful.. I was in heaven! They changed around the makeup section which does not please me but I managed to get what I needed. Sadly I seemed to walk around forever with my list, missing things and what not.. I was feeling a little fuzzy! I was just so happy to be there so I didn't mind the extra long stay.

Its terrible the weather has been so fantastic since I've been home and I just have not been in any shape to be out there enjoying it. I bought a bottle of wine at Target yesterday.. for obvious reasons and because it was on sale... but it was within my reach to stock up on beer as well. Probably tomorrow when I definitely expect to be feeling better.

So now that I have my Peru pictures in order I think I have an idea of how I will lay out my posts.. I really should have just taken my laptop because although I feel like I have a plan I still feel overwhelmed. I think I will start tomorrow with each album I separated for Snapfish and then as the week goes on give you more on my thoughts and interesting facts about the place. Sadly I am just not up for it today, I want to lay things out the best I can for you guys, give you as much information and details I can because I think the trip warrants it and my brain just isn't working as well as I would like it to be in order to do that. So I do promise that I will take as much cold medicine as my body allows today and try and get as much sleep as I can so tomorrow I am ready!

I'm really not avoiding it, I actually cant wait to share all of it with you guys and relive things through the pictures I will share. I enjoyed my time there so much but will be honest in saying I really don't think I would have cared to have been on that job for the duration and I am extremely happy to be home!

I hope you guys are all having a great week, if you're not well then its half over!! What have you guys all been up to since I have been away? I'm out of the loop too you know!

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  1. Oh my, you have certainly had your share of issues with the house...I hope everything is now on track for you and that you are feeling better. Nothing worse than dealing with tradesmen, except dealing with tradesmen when you're sick.

  2. Cathy I cant even tell you how fed up we are with all of these house issues and how I wish they would all just go away. I have been lucky since I have been home that most of the contractors I have been dealing with just do their thing and I don't have to deal with them at all or they have been nice, quick and efficient. Having said all that I am very much looking forward to today when no one is going to be wandering around the house outside and no one is going to be bothering me inside.. especially because I am not feeling better at all.