Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Days at the Beach!

Boy do I wish I was at the beach today! I am really sorry its taking me so long to knock out my trip posts but let me tell you I haven't been this sick since I was a kid I swear! It seems as the days go on I actually just feel worse and worse! Sunday was probably the absolute worse and yesterday wasn't much better.

Yesterday morning I was up early and getting ready excited to pick up my hubby at the airport. Jason flew out of Lima at 2:00am yesterday morning and arrived in Raleigh just after 1:00pm and couldn't have been happier to be home! When we got back to the house he didn't even come in right away he wandered around the yard and checked things out, made a list of all the things that need to be done and when I got up this morning him and his list were MIA! Man on a mission it seems.

So while I had some quiet time I thought I would stop by here and continue on with my trip to Peru. I swear its starting to feel like a lifetime ago, its strange because in a way I feel like I just got home.

Anyways while I was there Tanya and I walked a million miles.. just like we did in New York and let me tell you the state of our feet will tell the tale. Blisters are inevitable I suppose but this was a little over the top. While I was there I hurt my foot (I will tell more about that later) and ended up having no choice but to wear flats because I couldn't manage my flip flops, well let me tell you those flats destroyed my feet. None the less we managed to cover a ton of ground which I am grateful for.

One day we headed over to Barranco and toured around, they have the most wonderful people over there selling beautiful handmade jewelry and gifts and I was always interested in that stuff. I bought a really gorgeous dainty silver ring and had high hopes of finding another one before I left. While over there one day we decided to take another way home, we walked down by the hostels towards the water and landed on the beach which at that time I had never been to.

The beaches in Miraflores are not like the gorgeous sandy beaches you may be picturing, there actually isn't much sand at all but mostly rocks. As well at this time of year Peru is actually changing seasons and going into winter so as the days went on the fog got thicker and the ocean got rougher. Side note, while we were there a massive earthquake struck Chile and Peru was under Tsunami warning. I will say they took swift action, they evacuated Jason's job site as it is right on the ocean and all the the roads anywhere near the water. We were fortunate enough to be up on the cliffs, and luckily it didn't amount to anything more then rough waters.

Tanya and I walked for miles along the water and naturally.. we took a bunch of pictures! Check it out!

These are somewhat pathetic looking palm trees. 

In Miraflores fog seemed inevitable. Most days I woke up and couldn't see anything out the window, it often burnt off with the afternoon sun but by sunset it was back in full force generally. The winter months there they are often surrounded by fog day and night... not for me. I truthfully HATE fog I think it is creepy as all hell and makes me want to hibernate. 

This picture gives you an idea of the cliffs we were on, giving up peace of mind in the event that a tsunami did actually take place. 

Note within this little structure there is random pieces of wood sitting, not roped off or anything. They don't seem to have much for building codes or public safety there.. it was quite interesting. 


I absolutely loved all the street art, some of the stuff is AMAZING. To see more you should definitely head over to Tanya's blog and see all the amazing stuff she has encountered. 

Note all the rocks... not very conducive to laying out. 

This bench was outside Rustica and Tanya had to use the ladies room so I toured around. 

This was quite interesting, a little cave in the side of the cliff! I would assume someone lived in there but I don't know how exactly they would get there. 

Few people seemed to be taking advantage of the gorgeous view that day, but we managed to spot some. 

Random fountain.

Rough waters. 

Although winter was rolling in everything was still so lush and gorgeous. Its so strange how that is possible all over at Lima NEVER sees rain! They have had rain once in the last 4 years! You can see up in the top left corner, the blue building with the yellow.. that is the Marriott where Jason stayed after I left. 

This was a little marina down on the water.. had amazing little stores!

Daily the surfers were out in crowds! 

This is where you can rent surf boards and what not to enjoy.

The artwork there was absolutely incredible.. I could have bought a million pieces. I tried my best to convince Jason that we needed something for the house but sadly I did not get far. 

These people are brave, wet suits or not that water is freezing!

 I so enjoyed our day down there, one of the things I loved most about being in Peru and still miss is being so close to the ocean, there is definitely something extremely peaceful about that water.

I still have so much to share and am really hoping that as the week goes on I will start feeling better and be able to sit here and come up with more insightful posts to go along with these pictures. I think if I am not feeling better towards the end of the week I may just have to break down and see a doctor as much as I don't want to. However my Dad is amazing and offered to send me the good cough medicine from home overnight in hopes of feeling better.. how lucky am I?

I am so happy to have Jason home! He came bearing gifts too! There is an amazing store in Peru called Kuna, where they have all hand made Alpaca apparel. The stuff is absolutely incredibly beautiful and soft.. not to mention beyond warm. I had purchased an Alpaca shall at the Inka market but wanted to get a scarf at Kuna and never made it back. Luckily my hubby is so thoughtful and brought me home the most gorgeous scarf!

I am hoping to make it out today because Gap is having a 75% off sale, haha! Priorities right! Having said that it is already raining and they are calling for that nasty storm that has caused tornadoes all over the Southern United States to be going through here today. We are not expected to have tornadoes but severe thunderstorms are possible. Having said that as I am writing this I just heard that apparently North Carolina leads the United States in night time tornadoes? GREAT!

We were really hoping for nice weather this week as we (Jason) has a lot of yard work to do and they are suppose to start the deck! I will keep you posted on that as well and may interrupt my Peru post to bring you some deck building details!

I hope you guys are all having a great week, I swear everyone is getting rain so we wont even talk about the weather!

Thank you for being patient with me during this miserable sickness, keep your fingers crossed it leaves anytime!

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  1. I'm really enjoying your photos! Some you took at the beach were amazing! You know me - I always enjoy good photos! I really hope you start feeling better soon.

  2. Beautiful photos! My favorite days are the ones spent at the beach :)

  3. Thank you Cathy!
    Happsters.com - Thanks for dropping in, hope you'll stick around! :)