Friday, April 25, 2014

Barranco, Peru

Hi guys,

Well I made it here a little earlier then yesterday probably because there is nothing going on here today for the first time all week it seems and I have a feeling that I am indeed feeling the best I will today right now so I decided to make the most of it. I don't know what in the H.E double hockey sticks I have caught but let me tell you it is holding on for dear life and really starting to piss me off. Mornings SUCK because I cough my face of all night and just basically feel like crap.. not to mention the last couple of nights I feel like I could go to bed at 6pm at the latest!

I thought while I was feeling up to it that we would dive right into one of my favorite places I visited while in Peru, Barranco. Tanya and I had talked a lot about it before I came and she thought I would really like the artsy scene and boy was she right. As previously mentioned not only is it extremely bohemian and artsy it is also the home of the most amazing burrito bar... YUUUMM! Yet being the terrible blogger that I am I didn't take one picture of those suckers! They weighed about a pound if not more and although at first I assumed I would never finish one.. that was a complete lie. My first one I ate until I was stuffed and picked at it until I felt I may not be able to squeeze out the door.. the second one I was a champ! I'll be honest I ate more then two during my stay.

Barranco was full of beautiful buildings, fantastic colors, amazing bars and restaurants and extremely cultured.. right up my alley. It too is on the water, although not in the same way as Miraflores overlooks the pacific but in certain places you can see it and its incredible. The cobblestone roads decorated with gorgeous flowers, the music being played on the streets, the vendors selling gorgeous handmade jewelry for next to night... it maybe have been my favorite place to wonder and spend time.

Curious as to what it looks like? Why don't I show you!

Starbucks.. you know I found that! Plus everyone in Starbucks speaks English.. if that isn't winning I don't know what is. 

Keep in mind when buildings look dirty its not that it is a bad area or they aren't taken care of but remember it never rains there. They have had rain once in the last 4 years and by our standards it probably wasn't even a legitimate down pour. 

Some of the street art was incredible! Not that Barranco needed character but it was definitely a nice touch. 

Some of the buildings were just incredible.. its so funny how you can have the most beautiful places such as this and next door something small and run down, having said that it was nice to have the mix.. no division in class so to speak. 

Barranco Plaza de Armas - Tanya may correct me on this one but I believe that is the name of this central location within Barranco. 

Oh the churches.. there are just no words!

Twist! This was the smallest little burger (and chicken sandwich) joint on a small little street in Barranco. They staff was so friendly, the food was amazing and the people were from places all over the world. Note the gentlemen on his phone to the right.. he was British I believe and quite intoxicated (keep in mind this was the middle of the day) he was a total show. Tanya encountered him somewhere else in Barranco out with Josh one day, in about the same state.. haha! 

Old stone streets. 

These are actually hostels.. not to shabby right?

This was kind of random but entertaining none the less. Note the ground in this picture.. their sidewalks all over there were so strange. Some of them were like this and a lot of time they waxed the sidewalks.. well actually no, all the time they waxed the sidewalks and they were slippery as hell! I'm not sure why they do that, but it makes them look quite nice. 

I haven't mentioned it before, although I will mention it again in my likes and dislikes.. contrary to popular belief the areas of Peru that I visited which were yes quite touristy were EXTREMELY CLEAN.. I mean beyond clean! Sidewalks, parks, streets, you name it there are people out cleaning! They are out there emptying trash cans and washing them out, sweeping up trash, leaves, it is there mission for the sidewalks to sparkle, the grass to be lush and green, the flowers to be perfect and they succeed. The care they put into the appearance of these areas is beyond incredible! 

This thing. Ugh. Tanya and I were down by the water and we asked someone to take our picture as we sat on an old well.. if you follow me on Instagram you've seen it. Anyways we heard a noise behind us and it was this thing. If you know me at all you know that I am beyond terrified of birds and this thing was no exception. I was in a mild state of panic while taking these pictures.. it was closer then you would think, much closer. Can you imagine the damage that thing could inflict if it wanted to?

Seeings how I didn't take any pictures of the Burrito Bar myself or the Burritos I just Googled it and I have to share.. and I'm not hungry! If I could have someone send me 50 of them I would pay, whatever it cost!

This is the smallest little place ever owned by an Australian, there is no sign outside.. just amazing food within. Everything was just so amazingly fresh.. homemade tortillas, slow cooked meat, my mouth is watering...

INCREDIBLE! I plan to scour the United States until I find something that compares! 

Barranco is a must see place if you visit Peru, any time of the day you will find entertainment, good food and amazing scenery! Walk the streets, take in the beauty and appreciate the culture. Make your way to the vendors and indulge in the beautiful hand made pieces you wont find anywhere else. Barter! if I learned anything in Peru its that you MUST barter, I swear they get such a kick out of it.. all while thinking "these cheap Americans". Tanya was a master at talking down the prices, she never paid the original asking price for anything. 

Well it just got extremely dark out and we are under severe thunderstorm watch which in my books is an improvement from the tornado watch we were under an hour ago. The weather in Raleigh in the Spring time is so strange, apparently it is indeed Tornado season though. 

I have managed to accomplish most of my to do list, although it seems like every time I knock off one thing 6 more get added! With these thunderstorms a brewin' I plan to spend my afternoon on the couch with tea and cough medicine! I am going to kick this colds ass, because I'm not good at being sick and instead of enjoying this glorious week back at home with the gorgeous weather I have been in a bad mood and stuffed up, hacking up a long.. WELL NO MORE!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I will be back tomorrow with more details and pictures from my trip! HAPPY FRIDAY!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos. It looks really beautiful in Peru. Glad you're feeling some better! And that bird looked like some sort of turkey vulture. HUGE!