Monday, April 21, 2014

Back Stateside.. and a Little Disoriented!


Boy how I have missed this place!! I don't know what I was thinking not traveling with the laptop! I missed blogging and often felt so overwhelmed with all the stuff I would want to tell you guys about my trip when I got back! Rest assured I took TONS of pictures and I made tons of notes throughout my time there so share as much as I could with y'all.

Having said all that it just ain't gonna happen today! I am a little fuzzy today with having traveled so much yesterday! I left Lima at 11:30pm Saturday night after a long day of showing Jason things here and there because he actually got a day off. I didn't sleep fantastic the night before as pretravel jitters usually get to me. Saturday night I got to the airport early, and thankfully because what a cluster screw of interrogations and bag checks to get out of that damn place! Security itself is a breeze, you don't even have to take your shoes off but before checking your bag and before getting on the plane.. look out! I don't know what exactly they are afraid you are trying to smuggle out of the country! Good lord!

Anyways I felt EXTREMELY lucky that we paid extra for my to have a larger seat with more leg room and I actually got all three seats to myself! So being a night flight I got myself a pillow and blanket and managed to doze on and off until the screaming children in the seats behind my decided that the rest of the passengers needed to understand the full magnitude of their vocals!

I landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at 6:30am, spent a ridiculously long time in a customs line, got my checked suitcase, rechecked it, walked over to the next terminal that I was flying out of only to be honored with a boarding pass showing that I had been selected for random additional screening through security.. I mean honestly! It wasn't such a big deal as I had a crazy long layover there anyways. I made sure to get a coffee and call home to wish my parents a Happy Easter before looking for a quiet corner and a book for the duration of my stay.

As it was time to board my last and final plane I was not feeling my best.. by any means. I am just not that person who deals well with no sleep, I almost feel hungover and want to die! I was freezing cold, my stomach felt unsettled and my eyes were on the brink of falling right out of my head. I got on the plane, prayed the flight was over in 10 minutes as all my wishing to click my heels and avoid the whole travel thing but through Dorothy's method had failed. I hadn't eaten so I got a water and some pretzels on the plane and settled in. We landed in Raleigh, I flew off the plane to baggage claim got the first airport taxi I could find and was FINALLY home!

Raleigh is in full Spring bloom, my house is covered in yellow pollen but I don't even care! I was so happy to be home! As much as I loved my time in Peru I missed my house, my bed, all of it! I brought my suitcases in, made 6 trips to and from the mailbox and decided that as much as I didn't want to I needed to go and get something to eat. I figured Subway around the corner was a safe bet, sadly not on Easter Sunday... but the little pizza place next door was open! I got a pizza and while that was cooking I ran over to Food Lion and put on my single girl shopping cap, I got whatever I could fit in my arms so I wouldn't have to go out today if I didn't feel like it.... almond milk, 2 bags of salad, tomatoes, granola bars, dressing, cheese. Honestly I only got the cheese because it was on sale and I could fit it in my arms.. I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do it with, so right now its sitting in my fridge staring at me every time I open it reminding me I need to shop for something to go with it.

I came home and flopped on the couch to eat pizza (don't tell Jason) and go through mail. Apparently a month is a long freakin' time to be away because the shit that we had that needed to be dealt with was significant. At that point I was feeling beyond tired but my OCD would not allow me to sleep before unpacking.. I just couldn't go to bed knowing there was a mess in the loft of suitcases and crap. Truthfully I was also keeping busy hoping to Skype with Jason when he got home from work.

I unpacked, went through the mail and made a list of things to deal with today and then had a shower and got in bed. Naturally as Jason was leaving work last night a transformer blew up (after only being energized for 4 hours after its last repair for blowing up) so he was late getting back to the hotel and unaware of what his stay there will now entail.. FANTASTIC!

I won't lie I really didn't get much sleep last night, I'm not good with over tired, I kept going over all the things I needed to deal with today and at some point fell asleep. I got up this morning to take care of things, and although I felt like total crap I was so in love with being back in the house, in my own bed, that damn Keurig.. I didn't realize just how much I missed that little beauty! I set up camp in the office this morning and that's where I have been all day making phone call after phone call... fantastic right? Its funny how it seems less mundane because I am just so happy to be here. Last night when I got in the truck and literally drove around the corner but how I could have burst with excitement.. I missed the truck, I missed driving, I missed home!

So it is my intention to catch up on my trip and tell y'all just about everything, I think once I get myself situated we will do a week of Peru and I will lay it all over there in pieces so its not so overwhelming to me or you! Truth be told I felt like I did a lot more souvenir shopping then I actually did and I am a little disappointed about that, but overall I really had an amazing experience and I cant wait to share it with all of you.

I am headed for a hot bath, I need to kick this odd state I am in so I have done all of what I can do with my "to-do list" for now and had something to eat. Tomorrow I will probably do some legit grocery shopping and make a trip to Target because lets be honest you KNOW I cant stand to be away from that place for this long!

I should try and take some pictures of my hair too, I cut most of it off on my trip! The humidity there was a damn nightmare and I looked like a lion who had just gotten in a fight most of the time so I did away with it. I went and saw Tanya's hair dresser and that man although he spoke very little English was a wizard with scissors! I actually really love the cut and the short hair!

I also wish I could impress you all with the Spanish I learned there... I picked up more than I expected to be honest.. its pretty easy if you know French. I could understand way more then I could speak but overall I was impressed with what I learned!

Anyways if I don't leave now I will ramble about tidbits and I would much rather post daily about this or that and have it all come together. However I have a feeling its going to be sporadic tales and information regardless... at least you have something to look forward to!

I hope you all plan to return after this little hiatus, I have tons to share! I really have missed this place and all of you!! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend!!

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  1. Welcome home , I know you are so happy to be there .
    Love you

  2. Welcome home...looking forward to hearing about your adventures and seeing lots of photos!