Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Weather & My Beloved Birch Box!

Hello all,

Let me tell you Jack Frost is sure nipping at our noses here in the south! South Carolina has already declared a state of emergency and this is what our weather forecast is looking like for tomorrow.

I will be surprised if that is actually accurate but at this very moment that is what they are calling for, needless to say Jason is thrilled. 

It was extremely miserable out yesterday, mixed rain and snow a lot of the day! It was a quiet afternoon for us of reading, me a new book which I cant wait to tell you about and Jason for his driving test! In order to change your license to a North Carolina state license you have to take a written test.. BALLS! Jason went and passed today and I've done well on all the practice exams so I think I will take mine by the end of the week, weather pending. Last night we had left over chicken enchiladas I made the other night...

They were absolutely as good as they look... then we indulged in some froyo... so good! Basically as you can tell my diet was nonexistent yesterday, but I am still hovering at a 12lb loss and I am happy with that!

So I mentioned a new book I was reading and let me tell you I got this book awhile back at Walmart I believe and it got lost in the shuffle and while enjoying a quiet day yesterday I decided to start it. I started it and could not stop until I was done...every.single.page. Its like an addiction really, I love when you get a book and you just cant put it down.

The Book is called Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan.

You can read a synopsis of the book on Good Reads HERE.

I really have nothing bad at all to say about this book, it chronicles the worst time in this poor woman's life and she writes her story so beautifully! This woman suffered, her family suffered and they agonized over no answers... until one day. This book is gripping, you are sitting at the edge of your seat praying alongside her family for a diagnosis that may never come. Susannah Calahaln is a fighter and a survivor and she braved telling her story to help others, to create awareness for a very rare/misdiagnosed disease. Get yourself a copy at Walmart, Target or your local bookstore, order it online for your Ereader and I promise you wont be sorry! 

No while I am around I wasn't really planning on talking to much about anything other than the crap weather coming our way and this amazing book! However when we arrived home from Target tonight my wonderful Birch Box was awaiting me!! Sadly this is my last Birch Box that was gifted to me from Tanya and until we find out where we are going to be I will not be able to subscribe myself. Having said that we have been looking at apartments in New Jersey and I actually feel really great about the prospects! 

So shall we check out this months loot? I don't know about you but I am excited!

Part of what I love about Birch Box is the packaging! They make you super excited to open the parcel and get to your loot!

Box of goods!

OPI Top Coat. This is not something I would spend the money on usually because I only paint my toes and not my fingers, having said that I think it is totally worth it! This stuff makes your nails dry quicker and your polish last longer. In the winter months while I am not getting pedicures this prevents me from having to paint my toes all the time. I am super excited about this cute little bottle!

Hello healthy hair treatment!! I'm not going to lie this picture is a little deceiving and the product is small.. it would be enough to do anyone who didn't have a lions mane like myself but I am not sure its going to be enough to coat my hair. Having said that I am excited to try! Its so important to me to have healthy hair and with blow drying, straightening and curling the consistent use of heat to style can leave your hair a little dry. Hot oil treatments by Olay can be hard to come by so this may be my new go to product! I'll report back my findings!

This little gem gave me a good chuckle! Brianne has been talking about looking for a Pore refiner so when I opened the box and found this I had to laugh. Its not something that I ever really thought about buying because as I have said before make up and facial products are expensive, I have really sensitive skin and buying these products and not being able to use them seems useless. Having said that being able to try a sample before forking over the cash for the full size is fantastic. This is why I love the Birch Box!

This was a pleasant surprise!! Benefit is on the higher end side of make up products and its always something I have wanted to try. I have heard of this product in particular and many wonderful thing about their Hula Bronzer! I love trying new products but again when you have something that works for you that is $7.00 at Target I am always a little less enthusiastic about spending $40.00 to get the same result! But I guess if I LOVE this it might be worth the splurge! 

I mean how exciting is an envelope that says Drum roll?

More benefit samples! WOOHOO!

And of course your trusty list of products and how much it will cost you to buy them in the full size!!

So I am off for today, they have naturally closed everything here for tomorrow because of the impending doom (snow) so we are planning a quiet day and hoping that all the warnings of the power going out will not be the case! If so though we are prepared, although we still don't have a shovel.. we tried today though but they were sold out everywhere! Haha!! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, if you too are stuck inside because of this winter weather.. get yourself a good book.. possibly the one above! Hint Hint!!

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  1. Ooh, that dinner looks very tasty. Tell me, where do these birch boxes come from ? It looks like a really neat gift idea.

  2. Steve Birch Box is THE gift!! It's the gift that keeps on giving as every month you get a box of goods! It's from birchbox.com and I do believe they deliver to Canada! You can get a variety of different goodie boxes like this but this is my favorite!