Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Travel Surprise

Good Evening!

So this is just a quick post because we are super busy around these parts tonight! Our day didn't exactly go as planned because we woke up this morning to our master bathroom exhaust fan leaking massive amounts of water.. go figure... new house my ass! Crappy craftsmanship..I think so! Remember.. DON'T BUY A KB HOME!!! So we called the warranty people and they said they would send someone out today, don't get all "wow that's great, same day warranty" because they didn't show! We got up this morning still with the intention to go to the shooting range thinking of course no one would come out today and they said they would, so we stayed home... and they didn't.

We managed to do a few things close to the house and get a ton of yard work done but its was not the day we had planned. I honestly didn't mind the yard work, which is weird because I DO NOT garden and don't care to have anything to do with anything that can potentially house bugs! I don't mind raking and all that jazz but plants and stuff of that nature just isn't my thing. Having said that having your own home really changed things, I had a fabulous day outside with Jason doing yard work in the sun.. it was fantastic!

On that note I have to tell y'all, I really am not at all bragging about the nice weather here.. simply stating it! Yes tonight at 7:00pm it was still 70 degrees and I went to the store in my capris and a tank top.. but that is the joys of living in the South! Speaking of living in the South, we were also awaken by a CRAZY thunder storm before day light today.. I love a good thunder storm as I have said many times before! I woke up and just laid there listening.. its so peaceful to me!

What else... oh.. ANOTHER SUN SET PICTURE!... you love them, I know you do!!

You know standing outside tonight while Jason grilled the above treat for dinner tonight, looking at the sunset I could have cried. Yes I am a bawl ass but I have never been known to cry because I am so over joyed by something, but tonight that was not the case. I don't know if I just really have attachment issues because of all the moving around we do, or because I am just so happy here but I really am so happy here that I apparently want to cry about it. I love grilling outside, its beautiful and quiet, the sunsets are gorgeous.. this is our home. Cheesy I know. I bet I'm going to be a big baby when we have to go to the next job.. I hope Jason is prepared for the massive amount of consoling that will be required! 

So you are probably wondering about the title.. surprise travel? Well we decided tonight, although we have been thinking about it all week that we are going to get up super early tomorrow morning and make the LONG drive to Toronto for a long weekend! Jason is DYING to go ice fishing and get some snow in his life, naturally I do not feel the same way but I am not opposed to going for a visit. I don't want to leave my house though. PATHETIC I KNOW! So we are getting up first thing in the morning and getting on the road. Hoping for a safe drive and a great visit!

With a trip on the horizon I should actually have something to write about here! Although it might not be until the weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend, and if you makes you jealous of our nice weather find solace in knowing I am going to freeze my ass off this weekend!


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  1. You are crazy! You should fly! Too much snow all around...we just had MORE!! Wasn't called for either. Worst drive home in awhile. Leaving 70 degree weather for the true North! :) Oh well, I know your Mom will be over the moon !