Thursday, February 13, 2014

Historic Southern Winter Storm!


Good Afternoon All,

I thought I would stop in a fill this post with pictures of the weather we have been experiencing the last two days! Let me tell you I can't even believe the weather we have gotten, I never thought we would see this kind of winter down here and its not over! I will say I think we are doing better then other states but the way we dealt with things yesterday was nothing to swoon over!

They knew this was coming and lets be honest most people in the south are not familiar with the mess that is winter and therefore driving in it is bound to be a disaster! They asked, or really pleaded with people not to go out and of course no one listened. As of last night the interstates and really all roads were basically parking lots! There was and still is abandoned cars absolutely everywhere! They have started towing them today to more efficiently clean the roads but we are getting hit yet again today!

We are grateful we are not one of the ones who are without power and have high hopes that with the preparations taken those who are without power will not have to deal with that for long! I wish people would listen to advisories, there is absolutely NOTHING open today.. just stay home!

Check out some pictures from our winter wonderland!

Naturally I had to check things out. 

It started to snow quick and heavy, and accumulated faster then I believe anyone expected!

Winter weather does not call for a fashion show, I did not expect to have my picture taken so I was dressed for comfort haha!

Yesterday afternoon it started to freezing rain and that created quite a mess. 

This is what my days have consisted of while this winter storm has isolated us to the house. 

This was the top layer of the mess that fell yesterday!

Everything was just ICE!

We woke up this morning to our very own skating rink... but we still have power so we are extremely thankful!

Jason was anxious to get outside and play in it. Sadly we do not have a snow shovel but Jason was determined not to be the neighbor that doesn't shovel, so god bless his heart he went out there with a spade shovel.

I came straight down stairs this morning and out the door to see what was going on, it was inevitable that the neighbors would see me in my pajamas at some point in time. 

The trees are so pretty! 

So as you can imagine we are stuck in the house again today, most of the roads have gone untouched as there is just so much to clean up and only so many resources. Not to mention as I said there are abandoned cars everywhere so getting those moved is first priority and then moving the snow and ice. I don't anticipate that schools will be open tomorrow, or much else to be honest as we are suppose to continue to get snow this afternoon and it will be extremely cold tonight! 

This is what it is doing out there right now...

I suppose if it does this all afternoon we will get some more accumulation! I honestly don't mind it, we don't see enough snow to get sick of it and for that I am grateful, we prepared to be in the house for a couple of days and therefore don't need to go out for anything. Sadly I think Valentine's Day dinner may be on hold depending on what Mother Nature plans to throw our way today! 

I believe this mess is suppose to go up the East Coast and although I feel bad lets be honest you all will handle it a lot better then we did down here! 

Stay safe and warm all! 

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  1. I hate this FUCKING computer bullshit , I just wrote you and Jason a whole nice story and hit the wrong button. Fuck it . I would love one of those coffee mugs from Raleigh NC.?????????????? The snow and ice looks about normal here .I will finish Moms serving tray and make one for you and Jason . Love you and Jason