Friday, February 28, 2014

Trip to the Deep Freeze!

Well needless to say it was colder in Toronto then it was here! In fact we left here wearing shorts and landed in Canada to roads acting as ice rinks, dead lock traffic because when you touched the gas pedal you slid as much as five feet and 10 layers of clothing that still didn't feel like nearly enough.

The drive there took a lot longer then we had hoped, even though we got on the road early because pretty much the entire drive looked like this..

That was until we crossed into Canada and then it basically turned to ice.. EVERYWHERE. We got on the 403 having a few exits to go and it was a nightmare. This was the first time though I could honestly see the speed or lack there of being justified! The roads were a nightmare, literally skating rinks! I was never so happy to park that truck and get out... on to ice. Ugh. 

They definitely had quite a bit of snow there, more than I had seen all winter I will tell you that much. I thought I would share some pictures, if you have had enough of that miserable white stuff though just close your eyes and scroll on by!

You would never know there was a pool hiding somewhere there. 

Miserable icy.. everything!

Honestly the snow that I have been talking about in NC, that beautiful white fluffy stuff that lasts a day or two and then graciously goes away before we have time to get sick of it.. this was not the same thing! This was slippery and cold, miserable and just plain dangerous! Having said that Friday, our first full day there it was actually pretty nice! Naturally it didn't last and miserable COLD winds set in and the temperature just kept dropping. 

Naturally being home it was great to be able to see everyone, and as you can see Jason took it to the extreme with his favorite little buddy. 

Friday night Jason was super tired, and had indulged in a few beers, but when he saw RJ there was no going to bed! They played and chatted and ended up falling asleep together all snug on the floor! Haha truth be told I think RJ was the only one all that comfortable! Jason has a special spot for RJ, good thing RJ ate it up or I bet Jason would have pissed him off! haha!

Saturday morning Jason and my Dad went ice fishing for the day! This was basically the purpose of our trip home and although they ended up being one man down they had the best day! They caught HUGE perch (honestly I don't know what constitutes "HUGE" in the way of fish but I am taking their word for it). I didn't hear from Jason all day which I hadn't expected too due to our sketchy Canadian service and his being out on the middle of a frozen lake. On the way home he text me and said they caught giant fish and were going to be on the news. I don't know why but instead of just believing him I assumed he was just screwing with me and they had caught nothing. Turns out the joke was on me because not only did they catch a ton of big fish they were actually ON THE NEWS! I honestly couldn't believe it when it came on.... "Father & Son in law have a great day on the lake" - haha! Needless to say they were pretty thrilled! So were the rest of us when we ate it the next day! 

We really just spend the rest of the time visiting, it was our intentions to leave on Tuesday I had thought but we ended up staying until Wednesday! I think it was a good choice to leave then as people were getting sick (damn flu!) and the weather was taking a turn for the worst! We woke up to -13F (UNREAL) and hit the road bright and early! The border patrol officer crossing into Buffalo asked us why we chose North Carolina as a home base and I had two words for him.. MUCH WARMER! The drive started out fine and turned into this...

Thanks PA, you're a gem!

We stopped in Pittsburgh at IKEA and did some touring around there and got a desk! The rest of the drive home we had decent weather and it was pretty uneventful however VERY VERY LONG! I tell ya one thing I DO NOT miss road trips at all... In Virginia I was MISERABLE! I just wanted to be home, I was sick of being in the car, sick of driving, sick of sitting, sick of everything basically! We stopped and had something to eat and walked around and that made me and my attitude tolerable for the rest of the trip! I was never so happy to see the North Carolina state line though. 

Bad pictures of Pilot Mountain through a dirty wind shield! 

We got home late and just unpacked and got in bed! It had been such a long day that all I could think about was getting into OUR bed and going to sleep! I wanted to watch Criminal Minds but with the delays because of the basketball game that didn't happen! Hopefully today!

Yesterday we were out all day, literally! We had a bunch of running around to do and it took a lot longer then we had hoped. We were mostly on the hunt for a rug for the office space as we were anticipating putting the desk together. 

When we got home last night I started dinner while Jason got to work on the desk... Poor guy. 

I was overwhelmed just looking at it. 

So we got the desk together and Jason isn't in love with it.. that sucks but I'm not totally surprised. After all of this.. we are keeping it. I mean I like it, that's whats counts right?

Then we decided to put the rug down, this didn't end well. 

I really do like the colors, but Jason HATES HATES the pattern and honestly the tan background isn't exactly tan and I decided it looked dirty and I just cant have that, so we are taking it back.. right now!

So I am running out the door as we speak, hopefully we will find some stuff for the office today because last night I went to bed really discouraged!

I hope all of you in the North are staying warm, my Mom sent me the weather there this morning and I wanted to cry for her! 

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  1. You see now...this is why I tell you NEVER to complain about your weather! LOL I like the desk and I actually like the rug, but it's hard to tell just from a photo. It's definitely the perfect size for the space. I'm lucky that Jeff usually says 'whatever you want' unless he totally hates something. WOW! Pennsylvania looked brutal! No wonder Jason was exhausted after that drive. Next time, FLY!

  2. Haha Cathy count your blessings that Jeff says whatever you want because Jason isn't like that about anything! I would have happily had that whole house done wonderfully if it was just up to me! And I definitely won't complain about the weather! That cold was horrific! We'll only be making visits in the summer from now on! As for flying it's most likely going to be the only option from now on because that was my last long road trip, not only the weather was horrific but I just hated being in the car that long! I've been spoiled being able to be home and not travel, I was pretty intolerable the last half of the trip!!