Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Annapolis Maryland!

Good Afternoon,

Two days in a row.. that's basically a record around here lately. Truth be told I am forcing myself to write this post and mostly because this blog started as a way to keep family and friends updated on our life because we are always so far away but also so I have a record of our lives, in print.. so I can go back and remember all the amazing adventures we have had together. No its not all about that around here but somewhat and I don't want to look back one day and wish that I had written about something and didn't. Lets be honest my memory is crap so the odds of me remembering every little thing is extremely unlikely.. so here I am.

Last Friday Jason got off work early and we headed to Annapolis, Maryland which is somewhere we have never been. When you think about Annapolis you probably think about the United States Naval Academy which is located there, but what you probably don't think about is the beautiful cobblestone streets, the old homes and being right on the ocean! This place is BEAUTIFUL and I already cant wait to get back!

We didn't really have a plan in going, we just wanted to tour around, definitely see the Naval Academy and have dinner. Word to the wise, find underground parking, type that into your GPS before heading out and make that your destination. Annapolis is full of super small streets with absolutely no parking, don't bother messing around it with.. honestly!

We toured around for quite some time, taking in all the sites and just enjoying the absolutely beautiful scenery!

 I apologize for the darkness of these pictures, I was having camera issues but as you can see I fixed them after this last pictures and things look a lot better. 

The waterfront here is absolutely beautiful, is is quite expansive with a great boardwalk to enjoy. Walking along the water took us right up to the United States Naval Academy which we were really excited to see. We like to do a lot of historical things and we knew this campus was old and would be absolutely incredible. 

In order to get on the grounds you do have to go through security, it wasn't airport security or anything just show them your picture ID and go through a metal detector. The grounds are absolutely beautiful, the buildings are old and breath taking. You can read more about the campus HERE. I highly recommend taking a look at the information. 

This field was MASSIVE!!!!

The campus is amazing and absolutely worth exploring, it was an amazing fall outing with a history lesson all in one. The campus was bustling with students wearing their "beat army" shirts which was hilarious. I think this would be an amazing place to go to school that's for sure. 

After our tour the wind was really howling and we were all really hungry so we decided to grab dinner. There are many MANY places to choose from when it comes to food and drinks in the area but we decided on The Federal House Bar & Grille which was established in 1830, the place was a fabulous mix of old and historic with new and modern twist! The food was fabulous and very reasonably priced! 

After dinner we were stuffed and decided to head to the truck as it was dark anyways. The drive home was a lot better than the drive there.. city traffic, I tell ya! Overall it was a great place and totally worth visiting, although we saw a lot I definitely cant wait to go back and explore a little more, or just spend a quite afternoon enjoying the scenery! 

If you every get a chance to visit Annapolis Maryland than I highly recommend you do so! 

I am off to make my hubby a big birthday dinner, Jason doesn't care much for eating out and we did a bunch of that this past weekend so I am making all his favorites for dinner and then we are curling up on the couch to watch the CMA's. Were so old, aren't we? 

I hope you are all having a great day, thank you as always for stopping by!!  

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  1. Hi Nicole! You absolutely CANNOT stop blogging. I still look forward to reading your posts and living life through all your adventures! LOL
    We've had pretty good weather here too! This week has been pretty much around 20 degrees (around 70 degrees), which as you know is fabulous for November in Ontario!
    I want to know more about this Pioneer Woman Cookbook!

    1. Hi Cathy! I'm not planning on stopping blogging, I'm hoping once winter rolls around and I am out and about less I will feel more like sitting here and writing. I don't know what is going on with me but lately I just haven't felt like writing. I still plan to share all of our adventures and I so appreciate that you make the time to stop by and read!!
      I cannot believe the weather here, tomorrow is suppose to be 80 degrees, its absolutely NUTS!
      Have you ever seen the Pioneer Woman show? Its on the food network and I really enjoy it! She tends to make things that you would actually cook, recipes that you may see her cook and think.. I actually have all of those things I am going to make that. I find a lot of times watching cooking shows you think that you would probably never make that, or you would have to put most of the ingredients on a shopping list because they aren't things you would generally buy! If you haven't seen her show I would check it out, she also has her own blog!!